Friday, August 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - August 2014

  • At what age is it too late to make new old friends?
  • You can love someone without being in love, you can be in love with someone you don't love (or even like) and if you're lucky you are in love with that someone you love and they both love you and are in love with you. 
  • Is the fact that Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup enough proof that the Christian God doesn't really care about sports? The Pope is an Argentinian.
  • We all hate when we get a song stuck in our head. It's especially troubling when it is a song we don't like.
  • Infants and old folks often get away with the same inappropriate behavior.
  • Another viewpoint on this whole Hobby Lobby fiasco: Why the hell are employers involved in the health insurance process at all?
  • Is it really a good idea to praise and celebrate formerly overweight people for becoming more fit via bariatric surgery, liposuction and plastic surgery? 
  • Has the term "breaking news" lost all inference of urgentcy or even importance?
  • When a news organization promotes an "exclusive interview" what they really mean is that they were the only one interviewing the person (president, speaker, senator, secretary, etc.) at that precise moment on that day at that exact place. The other news outlets are either just through with their interview or are waiting in the wings to do one. 
  • When you wear a coat and tie with jeans and sneakers is that ambiguous, rebellious, fashionable, lazy, ...? 
  • I have about a million great ideas every day. Unfortunately I don't remember more than one or two of them longer than a few nanoseconds. 
  • Don't answer those stupid Facebook questions like "I bet you can't name a city without an 'A' in it". These folks are just trolling for comments or "likes". Marketing data.
  • When your phone autocorrect makes an incorrect change should we call that a phone phart?
  • Eventually everything we do, eat or drink will be proven by some study to be harmful.
  • If you know the news outlets get the facts wrong on subjects you are familiar with, how much faith do you have in the stories you don't know about?
  • Hitting your "funny bone" is hardly ever funny.
  • I'm not a NASCAR fan so I'm sure I don't understand but, how can Dale Earnhardt, Jr. remain the most popular driver while being one of the least successful top name competitors?
  • If you see the adjectives "artisanal", "curated", "chef driven", "locally sourced" or any of the other current buzzword you can be pretty sure it's a bunch of BS. 
  • Remember when "time is money" was what we thought? Since growing older and being retired I now realize that "time is time" and it slips away much faster than money.
  • No doubt another one of our current annoying catch phrases is when people begin the answer to every question with "no doubt".
  • We had a couple of days of very unseasonably cool days and nights for a Texas July. Lows in the 60's and highs in the 70's. Still, I hear air conditioners humming and most windows are still closed. I think that is sad,
  • Why do we get so upset about a relatively few deaths from things like shark attacks, airplane crashes, hot air balloon accidents, etc. yet we refuse to change laws, perception, behavior about the really big killers like automobiles, tobacco, poor health and eating habits or guns?
  • I see a lot of Sonic commercials because they advertise on Rangers games. Sonic is always coming up with new menu items. Not one of which is healthy.
  • It is extremely hard to not hear or see the results of a sporting event you recorded earlier. 
  • If you are going to spend time on the internet, you will need to either suspend your spelling and grammar radar or you will go crazy. Very hard for those of us who were trained by nuns. 
  • If everybody likes a little ass but no one likes a smart ass, what about a little smart ass? I'm curious because I think I are one.

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  1. Brilliant thoughts, Bill. I like the part about time. Time truly is time. You can't even put a cent on it. Seeing my uncle pass away was truly telling to me that you can't put a price on time. $7.25 or whatever it is these days....that's what we value someone's hour as? Baffling. Even more baffling was the air conditioners on in the past weather we had the last few days. I'm probably guilty, but that Northern blood runs on A/C unless it's below 70. So cold hearted ya know :D Great entry.