Sunday, August 10, 2014

Scattershooting 08-10-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

If you watch the news, you would think that the world's human population will be obliterated soon by Ebola. In fact, about 900 people have died from Ebola this year. That's fewer than the number of people killed in the recent Israeli - Palestinian conflict. Both tragic. To put this into perspective, over 30,000 people in the US are killed each year in traffic accidents. We need a vaccine against traffic deaths and intervention by Secretary of State John Kerry to solve this. News hype at work.

OK, who is going to sue who? The SEC Network logo looks suspiciously like a Google Chromecast. I happen to have both. I'm sure Apple actually owns the shape.

I am so glad that local D/FW station CBS11 sent a reporter to Atlanta to cover the catastrophic Ebola story. I'm sure a reporter from Fort Worth will be able to get the scoop on all the local Atlanta and national news outlets. Amazingly, the exterior of Emory Hospital looks the same on all the news stories.

Over the objections of the Republican House, President Obama celebrated his 53rd birthday (8/4). It probably isn't really his birthday since his birth certificate is fake.

The new Sprouts in Hurst opens tomorrow (8/6). Probably won't be the big deal that Whole Foods was a couple of weeks ago but traffic at Grapevine Hwy. & Mid-Cities could be a mess. Lotsa good food store choices in the area. The map on the Sprouts ad is still wrong but the address is correct. Follow the map and you'll be shopping at Tom Thumb.

What is the deal with breastfeeding? A guard at the George W. Bush Library asked a woman to go to the restroom to breastfeed her infant. Was told she could only breastfeed in the bathroom stalls, a perfect location with very comfortable seating. The library apologized and said the guards were wrong. Those damn Barney Fife type guys are always flexing their tiny muscles and single bullet.

Cool, just had a little whirlwind outside my patio. Lots of leaves and grass clippings swirling around. Lasted over a minute.

For this #TBT here are the bookends to my kindergarten year in New Jersey. The first picture is the first day of what was called pre primer at Queen of Peace School in September 1952. L-R is Dick, me, Bruce, Chuck. The second picture is the same four guys at graduation in June 1953. L-R me, Chuck, Bruce, Dick. Just a couple of months later I would abandon my three buddies for the move to the wilds of Florida. — in North Arlington, NJ.

Happy 15th Anniversary to Carey & Kelly. Here is a #TBT photo from the wedding day. A very happy day. From L-R Dad, Mom, Carey, Kelly, Matt & me.

That was enjoyable. No Rangers game or softball tonight so I checked the DVR. I had recorded Victor Victoria the night TCM had a James Garner night a day or two after he died. I watched it tonight. What an entertaining movie. Totally unbelievable premise but filled with great performances and fun production numbers. James, Julie, Robert, Lesley Ann & Alex were all great. I also loved the waiter. James, Robert & Alex are gone now. I miss them all, but they left us with great memories.

Holy crap, he has another whole new face. Just saw Mickey Rourke on Kimmel and he has a whole new face and new fake hair. Even sounds different. What a mess.
To be clear, it's another new face since the after picture above.

For at least the second time I started to watch a recorded episode of The Sixties on CNN that was preempted or interrupted by "breaking news". I understand that CNN is a news network, but this is a little aggravating. Maybe CNN shouldn't have scheduled original scripted programming. I'm hopeful that this series winds up on Netflix or some other network that doesn't do "breaking news".

For today's #SongSunday we go back to a song written in 1934 but most of my generation know it from a 1959 recording that became a classic. I remember it often being played late at night on WAPE & WPDQ AM radio during my high school days. It brings back fond memories of those last few minutes in the car before your date had to be home. It was a good song then and still is. Here is a clip from American Bandstand with Dick Clark of The Flamingos rendition of I Only Have Eyes For You.


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