Friday, August 12, 2016


Crime doesn't pay, cheaters never win or is that all bullshit? It certainly seems so in the case of one Alex Rodriguez. On Sunday, August 7, 2016, the Yankees and Rodriguez announced that he will play his last game as a Yankee and presumably the last game of his major league career on Friday, August 12th. Because the Yankees are giving Rodriguez his unconditional release, they are on the hook for the remaining $27 million of his contract plus he theoretically could sign with another team. Let's hope that doesn't happen. 

To add insult to insult to injury, Rodriguez will be a special advisor and instructor to the Yankees organization. I don't know whether that job includes more pay or if it is rolled into the $27 million payout. He is also free to pursue broadcast jobs which would definitely pay him and which he will definitely get offers for. Now if you only look at the numbers from his 22 year career you might think all this is fine. An old star player fades into the sunset with a huge severance and thank you package. Just look at some of his numbers. 

That's not how I see it. This is an asshole who made more money than any other Major Leaguer while playing a good part if not the majority of his career while taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Then lying about it, gaming the system, mounting a legal and public relations defense and throwing others under the bus. He is baseball's version of Lance Armstrong only much richer. 

Young Alex was a helluva baseball player even at 18 years old. Of course, who knows whether he was already juiced even then. He was the first overall pick in the 1993 draft and was a part-time starter in Seattle by '94. He had seven terrific years there before signing a $252 million, 10 year contract with the Texas Rangers. It was a record setting contract and wound up hamstringing the Rangers budget for several years. Although he had all-star and MVP numbers while in Texas, he later admitted that he used PEDs during his time there. He also exhibited an aloof and phony demeanor during that time. After three years in Texas, he was traded to the Yankees although the Rangers continued to pay a significant portion of his salary, despite which he badmouthed the organization. He was mostly successful in NY although again the PED problem popped up. He also had several incidents of being an ass both on and off the field. 

This blog is not meant to be a recap of the Rodreguez career. It is meant to convey my total disgust at a first class cheater and pretty miserable excuse for a human being. The fact that he was able to collect almost $400 million in salary despite being at least a two time PED offender speaks volumes. Sure, he was suspended for a season but when you're already that rich what is the real punishment. On top of that, the Yankees were obligated to take him back after the suspension and pay him the remaining $50+ million on his contract. 

Back before the 1970's, the players were taken advantage of by the owners. That power pendulum started to swing towards the players when Marvin Miller became the head of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA). Now that pendulum has swung too far in the player's favor. They have consistently blocked meaningful testing and punishment for PED use. Teams should be able to void the contracts of players who fail drug tests or other offenses. Rodriguez should have lost many more millions and been kicked to the street.

Instead, he get's gently let go at full pay from a team and a league that he trashed and with a free pass to possibly play again. The other disturbing point is that Rodriguez will almost certainly end up as a baseball analyst on one of the TV networks that broadcasts baseball. I will bet you large sums of money that we will see him as a regular commentator during the 2016 postseason. That will only be the beginning of his lucrative broadcast career in the future. 

A-Roid or A-Fraud earned those nicknames and he deserves to fade into the background never to be heard from again. His $400 million should be enough. Unfortunately, the Yankees, MLB and media started their image rehabilitation of A-Roid last season and it will continue. Let's hope the Hall of Fame voters don't forget what a fraud and disruptive force he was.

So who will be A-Roid's next employer? Will it be the Miami Marlins or some other desperate team? Will it be the MLB TV Network, Fox Sports, TBS or ESPN? 

Cheaters mostly win nowadays and big cheaters are even bigger winners. 


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - July 2016

  • Since that child was killed by an alligator at Disney World, every gator siting anywhere has become a life threatening event that gets top coverage on the news.
  • I can't decide which would be worse in my old age. A failing body with a still functioning mind or a deteriorating brain trapped in a functioning body. I hope it all ends evenly and quickly. 
  • I'm old enough now that I can not ever contract an early onset disease or condition. 
  • Our sense of outrage is way off kilter. The news goes ballistic when a shark or alligator attack occurs. There are fewer than one deaths per year in the US from shark attacks. About the same for alligator attacks. Yet, there are over 30,000 US deaths each year from traffic "accidents" and another 30K+ deaths from firearms. Kinda screwed priorities and concerns.
  • Snakes get a bad rap too. They only cause about 5 or 6 deaths per year.
  • Same theme. If the news and social media didn't make a big deal out of (name an event). Would you give a shit?
  • I watch some old TV shows on cable. It is amazing how often the same guest star shows up on back to back on different shows. Today, James Coburn was on Combat and Stagecoach West.
  • Many gun advocates, including tRUMP, say that if more "good" people were armed, they could mitigate the terrorists and other bad guys. There is currently more than one gun per person in this country. When are those well armed folks going to defend the innocents? How many more guns per person (GPP) do we need?
  • Prostitutes screw folks one at a time. Politicians screw folks by the thousands or millions. I like prostitutes way more.
  • Seems every time there is a product recall, the first statement the manufacturer makes is "Safety is our number one priority". Just more corporate and legal BS.
  • If you want to see some bad acting, mute the sound. It is an amazing difference. 
  • How often do you hear a tone on TV or in a song and you reach to check your phone? I think some advertisements do it on purpose.
  • It is very hard to be sarcastic these days unless you stick a fucking smiley face after your comment.   Folks will either miss the sarcasm or be offended.
  • I'm an Eric Clapton fan, but I can't keep straight which of his songs were done with which group. Cream, Derek & The Dominoes, Blind Faith, Delaney & Bonnie or a solo.
  • If we were to go back to most of our favorite stores or restaurants from our youth, we would be appalled at how primitive they were. The only exception might be some of the grand old department stores since we have no great department stores anymore.
  • "Thoughts and prayers" is a phrase that shows up after every tragedy. It should be obvious that neither thoughts or prayers actually fix the problem.
  • Thought I had a smudge on my glasses. Took them off and I still had a blurred view. Seems the smudge was on my eye.
  • It's impossible to do wash in cold water during the summer in Texas. Closest I can do is warm since the water coming out of my cold water tap is 85°.
  • Thankfully the label on the tamales I just bought says in bold letters "Remove husks before eating". No wonder I always thought tamales were so tough to chew and digest. 
  • Why is it you can proofread an email or post a dozen times and not find an error? Yet, in those milliseconds between hitting the send key and it disappearing from the screen, a glaring error will become abundantly clear.
  • What would happen to The Open (The British Open golf tournament) if Scotland splits from England? Could it still be held at the Scottish courses like St. Andrew's and Royal Troon? Or, would it only be held on Scottish courses since the Royal & Ancient Golf Association is based at St. Andrew's?