Monday, August 25, 2014


The End of the World 

A recap of some of the disasters, calamities, debacles, catastrophes, incompetence, Armageddons and general BS we have recently survived. 

  • The CDC can't handle deadly viruses and bacteria safely or even keep track of where it is.
  • The Veterans Administration has been falsifying dates on benefits applications to make it look like they provided those benefits in a timely manner. This on the heals of the Veterans Hospitals appointment times scandal. 
  • Israel and Hamas are trading rockets. How unusual. It has now escalated into an Israeli invasion of Gaza. Cease fires are measured in hours, not days, weeks, months or years.
  • Somebody in Ukraine is shooting down commercial airliners. Unfortunately for bad luck Malaysian Airlines it was one of theirs. 
  • Once mighty Microsoft will lay off 18,000 employees although many of those are former Nokia employees in Finland.
  • In Texas we go from extreme drought conditions to flash floods and back again within an afternoon. 
  • The dreaded Chikungunya virus. Is there an official department for naming new scary medical stuff?
  • Just as Chikungunya fades from the headlines we have Ebola wiping out the human race. 
  • In related news the CDC, the agency that lost samples of smallpox for decades, is handling the Ebola testing.
  • The United States is being invaded by an army of undernourished and scared juveniles.  
  • Ferguson, Missouri is the most dangerous and violent place on earth. The Kurds, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Ukrainians and several others may disagree. 
  • There was an earthquake in Napa Valley. It appears that some wine was spilled.
  • Here in Texas, our good hair bad brain Republican governor has been indicted for playing political hardball with a DUI Democratic district attorney. Not a Perry fan, but this smells of BS.
  • Finally for this edition, every GM vehicle ever built has been recalled as have most children's car seats, many cribs and numerous other consumer items. 
I expect that there will be future posts on this subject. Of course that assumes that I survive all the dangers in our everyday life. Wish me luck.


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