Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scattershooting 08-03-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

You can be sure I'll be subscribing to this. I'm sure it will be mentally stimulating.

Where is the logic? I went to the bank today to deposit a few hundred dollars in cash (casino winnings). I went to the drive-up teller and put the cash & deposit slip in the vacuum tube. Teller asked for my ID. I was on my bike & didn't have it with me so they wouldn't take the cash deposit. Solution - rode around to the ATM and made the deposit. Obviously the ATM didn't ask for ID. Go figure.

Apple ain't got nothing on on pirates. Aaaaaarrrrrrrg.

Oh no, hide the women and children. Special weather report (7/30) and Larry Mowry has the jacket off. It's raining in Gainesville.

Very random stuff from my not quite right brain - Very Random Thoughts - August 2014

Sad day for Braves fans. I spent many evenings watching or listening to Pete and Skip on TV and radio broadcasting the games on TBS and WSB. They were knowledgeable, entertaining and funny. Now they are back together. Thanks for the memories. RIP Pete.

For some reason the combination for my gym locker just popped into my head. It was 34-36-6. Then I remembered that I didn't have a lock on my school locker. I never had anything stolen although on occasion someone would rig it so all the books (and maybe cigarettes) would fall out. Funny that we locked up our stinky gym clothes but not our books, supplies, coats, jackets, sweaters or cigarettes.

Another pain in the ass from corporate America. I got a new card in the mail today for a credit card that still had over two years before it expired. I was puzzled. Then I noticed that the account number had changed. The pisser is this is the card I use to make all my online purchases and my automatic payments. So, I will be spending the next few days trying to remember what sites I've stored this account number on or what auto-pays I have. I've had this card for many years with the same number. Seems the issuing bank/financial institution decided to change from MasterCard to VISA so the number had to change. (All MC numbers start with 5 and VISA start with 4). I'm sure VISA offered the bank a 0.00000003276% better deal. Thanks a lot.

FYI for all my Jacksonville peeps &/or Elvis fans. There is a 1972 behind the scenes program on AXS of the Elvis Presley tour. From about :20 minutes until :35 minutes of the show is of Elvis in Jacksonville for an April 1972 concert at the old Coliseum. There are scenes of him going to the concert over the Main St. bridge and a few other local shots. The show is being repeated a couple of times on Tuesday night (8/5) on AXS if you want to see or record it. Not a great program, but some interesting stuff.

I almost forgot ‪#SongSunday‬ today, so here is my rather ironic choice. This is a way back song written and recorded in 1951, before rock & roll hit the scene. It became the signature song of one of the best singers of the 20th century. One I remember seeing on the old TV variety shows and listening to on the big record player in our living room. The song has been recorded by hundreds of singers but this is the original and still the best. Enjoy Unforgettable by the great Nat King Cole. 

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