Monday, June 6, 2016

The Kingston Trio Celebration

I watched the PBS fundraising concert by the Kingston Trio and friends. I was looking forward to it because back in the 1960's I was a big K3 fan. I was also excited because the promo showed Bob Shane, a founding K3 member, singing Scotch and Soda, one of my all-time favorite songs.

Well, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I haven't seen the New Kingston Trio since Bob Shane Retired a few years ago. Since then, there are no original members still with the group. There is also no outstanding singer and maybe only one outstanding musician. When they are singing harmony together, it is OK. Unfortunately, none of the new members can replicate the voices of Nick Reynolds or Bob Shane on the solo or lead parts.

The Kingston Trio is not the only group that has deteriorated. The Limelighters were on the bill and if anything were worse than the new K3. I don't think any of the Limelighters are the originals either.

I also had forgotten that folk groups need to explain the origin and meaning of a song before they sing it. 

Barry McGuire, originally from The New Christie Minstrels, sang his song Greenback Dollar. He didn't appreciably upgrade the performances. 

Trini Lopez joined the K3 for a song. No improvement there either.

Bob Shane was joined by Al Jardine and Timothy B. Smith for a rendition of Scarlett Ribbons. Shane's voice was rather weak and the other two didn't contribute much. Bob stuck around to join the new K3 on a rendition of Tom Dooley. Just OK and Shane was better than the new guys. He showed some power and volume.

Then came the highlight. The Great Bob Shane walked onto the stage carrying his portable oxygen tank, with tubes and cannula in place. He stepped up to the microphone and nailed Scotch and Soda. None of the weakness in his voice from the previous songs. 

After that, Bob and his oxygen tank left the stage rather unceremoniously.

The last tribute was a rendition of M.T.A. by the new K3 and Nick Reynold's son, Josh. Again, the new generation didn't measure up to the originals. Josh is no match on vocals with his father. He did sport a similar four string tenor guitar like his father played. 

To end it all, the guests, except for Bob Shane, joined the new K3 onstage to close out the evening. Not very inspiring.

I still like the Kingston Trio (the old K3). If you do too, skip this concert and listen to an original CD, vinyl or YouTube video. 

We still have our memories and they are good ones.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brain Farts II

  • Had a red stain on my left sock. Thought I was bleeding. Turns out it was pasta sauce from a kitchen splatter.
  • Came out of the store, got on my bike, took off and reached for my sunglasses on my hat. They weren't there. Panic, they are expensive glasses, where could I have dropped them? About to turn around when I realized that they were on my face. When did I put them on? 
  • Was absent-mindedly picking at a callous on my toe when I thought the whole end of that toe was going to peel off. It was then I realized that it was actually a band-aid I had put over a blister. 
  • Have you ever gotten pissed when you find an empty toilet paper holder, no paper towels on the cardboard tube, or any other number of similar annoyances? Who was the inconsiderate SOB? Me too, then I realize that I live alone.
  • There really is no reason to store the colander in the fridge after you wash it. The cabinet next to the fridge is just fine.
  • I vigorously tried to get a stain off the kitchen backsplash the other day. Stubborn little devil. Finally realized it was a shadow. 
  • Many times I have also tried to clean a stain on a carpet or furniture that turned out to be a shadow. 
  • Got up the other day and put on my reading glasses that I keep on the bedstand so I could check my phone. Walked to the living room, sat down at my PC and put my living room glasses on right over my bedroom glasses. Pretty blurry and not very comfortable.
  • Couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to fast-forward a show I recorded. Turns out I was watching it live.
  • I'm pretty sure that I will go to the grave never understanding why people want to pierce their body.
  • Opened the oven door, bent over to pull out the rack to check on the food. My glasses fell off my face and onto the 400° oven door. Almost bounced into the oven proper. Luckily I was able to grab them before the lens melted.
  • Guess I didn't close the front door properly and certainly didn't lock it the other night. Woke up the next morning and it was about a foot ajar. Temps were in the 30's that night and it was damn chilly in the house. 
  • Never grab ice or anything else out of the freezer with wet hands. I sometimes do and usually regret it.
  • Was shaving the other day. Lathered up, shaved my neck (that's where I always start) and got distracted by something. Back to the sink and I almost just rinsed off the rest of the shaving cream without shaving. Last minute save when my brain woke up again.
  • The other night during a power outage, I still flipped on the light switch when I entered a room. That's OK, I flipped it off when I left the room. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - May 2016

  • I'm pretty sure all those tests on Facebook that tell your ideal profession, meaning of your name, IQ, etc. are 100% accurate. 
  • When you see that a product is the "Official Widget of (name a sports team or league)", do you rush right out and buy it? Me neither.
  • All these transgender restroom laws are an example of a solution in search of a problem. 
  • They are also another example of our elected officials concentrating on issues that are of little or no importance while the big stuff is neglected. Style over substance. Posturing over positions.
  • Detroit and Chicago teachers go on strike. The nuns who taught me never missed a day. No teacher planning days either. 
  • What would a Trump speech or statement be like without adjectives and adverbs? Very short and no substance.
  • Tammy Wynette had two #1 Country hits in 1968. They were D-I-V-O-R-C-E and Stand By Your Man. Does anyone else think that damn ironic? Or is it schizophrenic? 
  • I can't decide, do I dislike rap or heavy metal more? Neither is music in my opinion. 
  • I wonder how many people will actually move to Canada when (insert presidential candidate) is elected president?
  • Shouldn't the Tour de France trophy look like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe or maybe a bicycle instead of a fruit bowl? 
  • One or two Margaritas are delicious and can be your friend. Much more than that and she will punish you. 
  • Cinco de Mayo doesn't mean you have to drink cinco tequila beverages.
  • Damn, I never stressed about who else was in the public restroom with me. Apparently I should have been terrified. 
  • My first real job as a teen was servicing, cleaning and repairing typewriters. Not much call for that anymore.
  • Should government office holders be allowed to run for another office without first resigning their current office? I don't think so. Put a little risk into the game. 
  • Ever notice when TV "stars" leave a hit show to pursue other opportunities they usually disappear. Anybody remember McLean Stevenson or Shelly Long?
  • Was watching TV one stormy night when the crawl said that there were severe winds south of Paris. Why do I care about the weather in France? That's when I realized that Paris, TEXAS is only about 120 miles NE of me.
  • Wouldn't it be great if all that weather and breaking news shit was filtered out of recorded programs? I hate worrying about severe weather that occurred on Tuesday when it is already Wednesday, calm and sunny.
  • In my case, I'm pretty sure sarcasm is an addiction. Any arguments, of course not.
  • We have some voraciously hungry birds this spring. Birdseed ain't cheap guys.
  • Seems that in this whole transgender bathroom dustup the only concern is that men will be in women's restrooms. What about women in men's restrooms? Very sexist.
  • Remember when there was always a newspaper or magazine around to swat that bug? Not so much anymore. I really hate to use my laptop, phone or tablet for that task.
  • Saw an impressionist on TV the other night. He didn't do impressions of anybody I knew. Don't know if he was any good. Another clue that I am old. 
  • If a person does a song that is run through Auto-Tune and several other filter effects, are they a singer or an audio technician? 
  • Remember when there were only three or four yogurt flavors and just a couple of brands? Now the yogurt case takes up half the dairy department.
  • Can you ever be sure you emptied all the pockets in your cargo shorts?
  • Does anybody actually go to their first rodeo?
  • How come whenever there is a government fuck up, there needs to be an investigation? Can't they just fix the damn problem? Maybe even fire somebody.
  • I wonder how much spit a major league field absorbs over a season?
  • Found out the other night during an extended power outage that a bicycle headlight makes a damn good reading light.