Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - July 2014

  • I recently saw a PBS show on party/dance tunes from the late 1950's and early 60's. Many of the old groups had saxophones, Little Richard even had four sax players at one time in his group. They sounded great. We need more saxophones. 
  • It appears that Republicans will tolerate gay members at their conventions but they will not allow them to advocate their agenda or views. That's because we wouldn't want any debates at a political convention. 
  • Farts are funny whether you are an infant or a geezer. 
  • Mother's Day will always be a bigger holiday than Father's Day. Rightfully so (usually).
  • If God is both the father and the son (and the holy ghost) how do they (he) work out Father's Day? Who gives and who receives? It's a divine dilemma.
  • If you are a Coors Light fan does it bother you that their whole advertising campaign is about how cold it is? Nothing about taste or quality ingredients, just temperature. How does the the manufacturer and brewmaster control that from brewery to lips?
  • I'm feeling rather buff, well dressed and even kinda handsome. It's all relative, I went to Walmart this morning. There's always a sight or two.
  • Are you ever puzzled why a business would be bragging about being established in 1987, then you realize that's over 25 years ago. 
  • There is no doubt that the players in the World Cup are great athletes. It's too bad they are such bad actors. 
  • If a soccer player is ever in your way, in any situation, just touch or bump them and they will fall down. You can then step over or around them.
  • What's wrong with this country? Michael Jackson died five years ago as a broke, drugged out weirdo. His estate has made $700 million since his death.
  • Many of the owners and family members in local business TV commercials really don't belong in TV commercials.
  • Apparently, absolutely is the new yes. As in, are you a pretentious person? Answer, absolutely. 
  • What would happen if every time a politician said something (anything) 51% of the country shouted Bull Shit. The public would be right way more than 51% of the time.
  • You can find a study or a poll to support any viewpoint you espouse. 
  • I noticed after I used some sour cream that it was expired. Tasted fine and I didn't die or get sick. Isn't "fresh sour cream" an oxymoron?
  • Why doesn't General Motors (GM) just get it over with and recall every vehicle they ever manufactured?
  • Ann Coulter says soccer popularity is a sign of decay in America. Actually, Coulter and her kind are the sign of decay.
  • We are all a minority in some places or at a disadvantage in certain situations. Try to remember that when you think a different minority isn't entitled to all the rights and advantages you enjoy.

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