Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lazy Bike Ride Observations

I had a nice bike ride this morning. It will be the last day for our unseasonably cool snap. I went out at daybreak, around 6:30, and got back home about two hours later. It never got above 69° during the ride with light winds, perfect.

Here are a few observations from the ride.

  • Went by the new Whole Foods but they don't open until 8:00. You will all be happy to know that they have several bicycle parking spots. 
  • The Old Mayor's House has been torn down and the property is up for sale. Guess the folks at Next Wood Fired Bistro have given up on opening a new restaurant there although it looks like their garden is still going. 
  • Speaking of Next, they have finished their remodel and are open.
  • The new housing development next to the Colleyville police station has a street with entrances on Bluebonnet and right by the police station back gate. Looks like some utilities have been put in put still mostly a muddy mess.
  • Bluebonnet road is already showing damage from the heavy trucks going in and out of the new development.
  • The big house behind the Colleyville Center that usually has sheep mowing their large front yard has switched to cows.
  • Apparently the new Studio Movie Grill in Colleyville provides the neighborhood with music 24/7. The outdoor speakers were blasting at 7:00 even though the theater was closed. 
  • Stopped at Market Street for a cup of coffee, they open at 6:00. They have Peet's coffee & tea but my cup tasted bitter to me. Not a coffee connoisseur and I had a regular cup of joe, not the fancy stuff. 
  • Lotsa folks already at Lifetime Fitness Center by 7:15. Saw a couple of the Colleyville soccer moms in their cute little shorts, tank top, tennis shoes with pink shoelaces and pony tails going in. Nobody in the pool but a couple of guys on the tennis courts. By the way, they too have plenty of bicycle parking although there were no bicycles there. Lexus SUV's seem to be the vehicle of choice. 
  • Went by the donkeys' and llamas' house but they weren't out yet. The big pond at the house a couple of doors to the west had about 50 geese and a few ducks on the banks. Farther west I think I woke up a horse that was sleeping close to the road.
  • In spite of the fact that we had decent rain Wednesday night and Thursday, many sprinklers were going full blast. Several roads should be showing new growth since they too were being watered.
  • Seems every time I ride through the Colleyville neighborhoods there are more older homes for sale. These mostly medium size one story ranch style houses are disappearing fast. Once sold they are being replaced or significantly remodeled into McMansions. Often the property is divided and multiple McMansions with small lots are built. Is this progress? 
That's it for the morning ride. I probably need to head south or east or west for my next report.


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