Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scattershooting 07-20-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Well Rangers fans, this could be the best stretch of the season. Texas will not lose a game for the next four days. Enjoy the All Star break.


Finally got around to watching the premier of Extant, the CBS summer series starring Halle Berry. The best I can say is undecided. Not bad but not much watch TV either. Several stories going on this one. I guess I'll watch another episode before I make a decision on this one.

Once again the Prime Prep Academy is in the news and not for outstanding academic achievement. The school was co-founded by jerk, self-promoting, bigmouth Deion Sanders. About every six months the school shows up in the news, always for the wrong reasons. They are now threatened with lose of their Texas school charter. Here is Deion's articulate Tweet about the situation -
"Years of existence. In no form or fashion has me or my administration done any wrong regarding feeding or educating our students. TRUTH
— DeionSanders (@DeionSanders) July 15, 2014"

Apparently English and grammar are not priorities of the curriculum.

Good line by Jon Stewart tonight on The Daily Show while talking about the immigration issue. "We have always been a nation of immigrants who are against the newer immigrants."

There is a series airing on Encore Westerns called "Western Heroes of Gower Street" about the B movie westerns of the 1930's & 40's. The first one is about Roy Rogers. Old footage plus background information by film historians. Although I wasn't around in the 30's, I have seen many of these movies on TV. Good stuff.

The Colbert Report did a funny segment on our All Hat, No Cattle Governor Perry. The segment starts around 4:00 into the show, but there is also a funny line at the very top.

This may be a first. The Rangers currently have four catchers on their 25 man active roster. A couple of them are slated to play first base but it still is a strange roster. More proof of what a mess this season has been.

This is sad. It is becoming more obvious that Verizon is using it's power to squeeze more money out of the internet content providers. I'm sure Netflix isn't completely innocent either, but I think Verizon, my former employer, is mostly to blame here. Much as I bitch about AT&T U-verse, I hardly ever have buffering problems with Netflix on a much slower connection than the 75Mbps mentioned in this article.

I thought The Clymb was a shopping site for outdoor and sports stuff. Seems sometimes while you are outside you need to poop and The Clymb tells us how. One tip from me, avoid the pine cone option. I always thought that bears were the ultimate authorities on how to shit in the woods.


Let's go back to 1961 for today's #SongSunday. This is a song that reached #1 for three weeks that year. You can still hear it occasionally on oldie radio stations. It is the very strange The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens. I remember going to the Hendricks Ave. Youth Center (or was it called Southside Youth Center) after school with Joe Conselice. We would jump on a bus or hitchhike. There was a pool table in the room under the pool. We would shoot pool and listen to the juke box for an hour or so then catch a bus home. This song was on that juke box and we always played it, often multiple times. Fun times and a fun song. Wimoweh -

I may have missed the mark on #SongSunday. Today, July 20th, in 1965 Bob Dylan released Like A Rolling Stone which is recognized as one of the greatest rock songs. So here is a second song for this Sunday morning.

Oh joy. Went on the patio to fill the bird feeder and ran into a foul smell. It seems one of my doggy neighbors left a stinking steamy pile of poop about two feet from my railing. Bad news is we are back to the 90° days so it will stay steaming and stinking. Good news is it is back to 90° so I've closed the windows and turned on the A/C. Pick up after your dog you inconsiderate pet owners. Or teach them this trick.


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