Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scattershooting 07-06-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

If anybody thinks we have heard the end of the Obamacare - Hobby Lobby (emphasis on lobby) situation, you are mistaken. The businesses and their lawyers will be pushing the limits of this decision for years to come. What parts of what laws must a corporation obey? It was a 5-4 decision today in favor of theocracy. Don't gloat, the next one may be 5-4 in the other direction. The line dividing individual freedoms vs. the good of society is always moving. As is the line between my freedoms and yours.

The only thing longer than a couple of innings of T-Ball is a NY Yankees game. Rays win in 12 innings.

So, good news they finally came out and recharged my AC today. Works great. Temp and humidity now bearable. Bad news, my inside unit is dripping condensation. Good news, that unit is in the ceiling above one of my bath tubs. It all drips into the tub. Other good news, I'm half deaf and probably won't be able to hear the drip, drip, drip... when I go to bed. Old age can be a blessing some days. Bad news, no answer at the office all afternoon. Left an online maintenance request on the complex web site. Very 2014.
UpdateWell they fixed the leak and also had to replace the door in the ceiling that covers the unit. The old one was a rusty, moldy mess. Unfortunately the less than great of our two maintenance guy did it after conferring with the more competent one. Pretty sloppy install and he trashed the bathroom. This guy moves at the speed of sloth. I'm going to hose down the bathroom now.
Update #2 - When I went to hose down the tub, I discovered that the idiot broke my shower head. Cracked the connection between the head and the hose.

A quick #TBT photo. Here is the 1956 Buick Beast that we had when I got my license. I drove it our sophomore & junior years. Solid white exterior with red & black interior. It had automatic transmission and an AM radio. That was it, no A/C, no power anything, steering, brakes or windows. It was a workout to drive and almost impossible to parallel park. I borrowed a neighbor's VW Bug to take my driving test in. The beauty of the Beast was that it could hold a large portion of our student body and often did. Anybody remember crowding into this classic car at a football game or at Bono's?

Happy Independence Day!

That was enjoyable. Spent the evening at and around the Bedford 4th Fest. The classic car show was a disappointment. Far fewer cars than past years although there was a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, the all time classic car. Then we saw top Bedford fire fighter Joe Lynn and had a nice conversation. Back to a very nearby neighborhood for beverages and a light dinner. Out to the driveway with chairs and cold beverages to watch the fireworks. There was a local opening act of fireworks in the Cul de Sac followed by the main act from the city. We were downwind from the launch site and were rained on by ash and embers. Kaboom!

Here is a timeless classic for #SongSunday. It is the Patsy Cline version of a song written by Willie Nelson. Amazingly this song was never a #1 hit but peaked at #2 on the country charts in 1962. Enjoy Crazy

We went to the relatively new Chop House Burger in Euless (121 @ Glade) for lunch today. This is not the same as Chop House Burgers (with an S in Arlington) We had the Chop House burger, Wine Country burger, truffle-parmesan fries and a couple of beers. Everything was good. The burgers look kind of small compared to the giant ones at other places but it was a little thicker than many and more than enough for lunch. My medium-rare burger came out more like medium-well but was still juicy. The fries are the small thin cut variety with crispy edges and ends. Just the way I like them. The menu is relatively small with only three choices for a beef burger plus a chicken, tuna, turkey or falafel version. The place was over half full on a Sunday around 1:00 PM. and the service was prompt and courteous. I'm sure I'll be back when I'm in the neighborhood. 


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