Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scattershooting 07-13-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

It's too bad Fox News doesn't have a review board for standards and balanced reporting. Same for MSNBC. Have no fear, as the BBC reduces access by climate deniers, I'm sure Fox will ramp up theirs.

Let's give credit where credit is due. It is almost impossible to allow the Houston Astros to score six runs in an inning. Well, the Rangers can do it. 

Be very careful around knives. I bought a new serrated knife yesterday. I came within a millimeter of slicing my finger when I was getting it out of it's packaging. No, no, I was never in danger from the knife blade. It was the damn industrial strength plastic it was encased in. Once cut with scissors that plastic is as sharp as the knife. It would probably be safer if we packaged the plastic in knives.
I think I want one. Would have loved this when I was growing up. We had some very tall pine trees in the back yard that would have been perfect anchors. Of course I would have had to dodge Mom's clothes lines. 

Watching Halle Berry on Letterman. In case you forgot, Halle is a fairly attractive woman.

Warning, do not go anywhere near 26 & Glade today (7/8). It is Opening day for the new Colleyville Whole Foods store. I expect every soccer mom in Colleyville to be there. I may stop by next week.

It's Softball Night in America. Big game tonight (7/9). This one could decide the league championship. Will WGTR bounce back after their lose last week? It's a rematch against the Broncos, the only team to beat WGTR in two seasons. 
Update - The boys  got back to their winning ways and are now tied for first place.
GO We Got the Runs!

Guess what day it is? No (7/10), we already past hump day. It's #TBT. Here are a couple of photos circa 1955 (maybe '54). It was the first trip my Nana Kelly made to Florida after we moved from New Jersey. In fact it was her first trip ever to Florida or anywhere outside the Northeast. Those of you who know my history may recognize two things here. The photos were taken at the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. I was obviously doing some early reconnaissance for later visits to the fort. The other is that I was apparently wearing cowboy clothes in preparation for my move to Texas in later years.

Because my Nana, Mom and Dad are dressed well, I would bet that we had lunch or brunch at the Ponce de Leon Hotel before going to the Castillo, mission and St. George St. Always loved St. Augustine.

As some of you may know, President Obama is in Texas and met with Governor Perry about illegal immigration. This is a serious problem but it seems that Perry, who has been in office since W's first term, forgets how old this problem is. This is not an Obama problem, it is an old national problem. Those of us who grew up in the south know that. I remember having thousands of Cuban immigrants/refugees back in the Eisenhower administration. BTW, here's the real problem, this sign should be in Spanish. The immigrants can't read it. They would stop for sure if they knew it was the US border.

Get the insect repellent out. A mosquito at Central & Cheeks-Sparger tested positive for West Niles.

This may come as a shock to those who remember me as a dominant NBA big man but I really don't give a damn where LeBron James plays basketball next season. I will admit though if I had a choice of Miami vs Cleveland I'd choose Florida. The less money and Cleveland choice indicates severe brain damage.

While it was only 99° officially (7/12), my patio thermometer was showing 101°. First time I've noticed triple digits this year although I did have a 105° reading one day last week on my bike. Direct sun and on a blacktop road. Welcome to Texas.

Like Dilbert, I made zero fashion decisions today.

I have lots of socks of which I have only two pair of dress black socks that are exactly the same. Last time I emptied the dryer I wound up with three of these socks. I can't remember if I have just lost a sock or just found one.

Let's try a little folk music for this #SongSunday. This is the 1964 song Four Strong Winds by Ian & Sylvia, whom many of you may not remember. They were a Canadian married couple that performed through the 1960's and part of the 70's until a divorce ended the duo. Tommy Ewart and I drove from USF in Tampa to Miami in his VW bug to see them perform in a small club in 1965 or 66. We stayed with friends or relatives of Tommy. The show was worth the drive. Enjoy -
Update - Tommy remembers that is was The Gaslight South Club in Coral Gables.

Here is the whole Ian & Sylvia Reunion Concert in 1986.


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