Sunday, December 1, 2013

Very Random Thoughts - December 2013

by Bill Holmes  

  • The phrase "give 110%" and its variations always bothers me. 100% should be sufficient. It's a math thing.
  • How come I'm always sitting where the remote isn't when I need it?
  • Do TV reporters purposely seek out the dumb and inarticulate to interview at the scene of a story?
  • Proponents of every issue can find a touching or horrifying example to support their view. Anecdotal stories are not proof of widespread abuses, systemic problems or success. But they might be. Get the facts.
  • Does LOL sprinkled throughout posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. bug the shit out of you too?
  • To, too, two. Your, you're. There, their, they're. Plane, plain. Base, bass. Capital, capitol. Principle, principal. Here, hear. Plus several others. - Know (not no) the difference? If not (not knot), look it up, someone will notice.
  • Watched 1956 western The Rawhide Years. Tony Curtis is not a very convincing cowboy.
  • Why aren't all the TV sports analysts coaching/managing teams? They have all the answers.
  • Same topic - "the (name your team) have to play better to win this game." Profound.
  • "Thank you so much" or "thank you very much" now mean the same as "thank you". Way overused by TV anchors.
  • Does anybody else wonder how Al Roker has stayed on TV all these years?
  • Has there ever been a car chase that TV news could resist? Thanks OJ.
  • TV weather people often believe their own forecasts. 
  • It just hit me - someone on TV was introduced as starting their job in 1981 and having over 30 years in the field. That makes them an old pro/expert. Wasn't 1981 just a couple of years ago?
  • 'Neath the Arizona Skies a 1934 Western staring a very young John Wayne may be the worst cowboy movie ever. It's one of those so bad it's laughable movies.  


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