Monday, December 30, 2013

Scattershooting 12-29-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great  

Mel Allen

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Guess what day it was - 

Almost lost a mourning dove just now (12/23). He'd been snacking for the past few minutes. Heard a thud on the patio. Saw a blur flying away and a damn cat standing there. I think the dove hit the ceiling during his escape. hope he is OK. Also hope he'll come back. I hate cats, especially those prowling around loose.

No spell check in the year 1.

Traditional marriage was between a boy's parents and a girl's parents. And maybe some cattle.

Hope all my friends and their families had a great Christmas and Santa found your house. May the holiday spirit extend throughout the year.

Merry Christmas to all!

This is weird. Watching an old 1949 Gene Autry movie "The Cowboys and the Indians". First I see Jay Silverheels as a reservation Indian (Lakohna) then a little later Clayton Moore shows up as a bad guy (Henchman Luke). Are those names familiar? They later paired up as The Lone Ranger and Tonto. They weren't kemosabes in this film.

Was going through some old photos. Here's one of my big boy bike that I got when I was 11. It was a 3 speed, skinny tire, red Schwinn. Notice the mud flap and giant saddle bag, very cool. The house in the background is the one next door but is the same floor plan as ours. Classic Florida cement block construction.

  • Apparently it is time to go shopping again. Stores already open here @ 6:00 am on 12/26.
Fifty years ago today (12/26/1963) Beatlemania began in the USA -

Great news. Wonder if I'll be around to enjoy it? A bike trail from Fort Worth to Dallas.

Nice day (12/27) for a bike ride. There are already several trees in the Bedford Christmas tree recycling location. Some folks can't get rid of their tree fast enough. In the continuing remodel of the local Kroger we have a couple of changes. There is a new fleet of smaller shopping carts to go along with the regular ones. The big news is there is now a sushi bar by the deli. Very small but manned by two Asians in chef garb. When I think of sushi, Kroger always come to mind. The store is still not finished and items keep changing location.

The local CBS station just spent the first 10 minutes of the late newscast on Tony Romo and the Cowboys/Eagles game. Somehow I think there might have been a more important news story somewhere. How about the vital news from A&E that Duck Dynasty is resuming production with Phil? That news didn't come until after the weather & sports.

Man's best friend. A real doggie bag.


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