Monday, December 2, 2013

Scattershooting 12-01-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great  

Red Barber

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

A little pirate humor -

11/25 - It appears the great D/FW bizzard of 2013 is pretty much a bust. The snow and sleet predicted looks a lot like rain. We had TV weather folks on duty all night and the morning news programs started early with extra reporters out searching frantically for sleet/snow/ice. So far they haven't found any. About 300 flights have been cancelled as a precaution. Methinks there is much ado about nothing.

The weather guys have switched from predicting doom to explaining why they blew the forecast. We are getting charts and graphs showing the difference between sleet, freezing rain and liquid rain. Of course they don't actually admit they got the forecast wrong, just documenting what didn't happen. They have mentioned that icy tree in Frisco at every weather segment since it's discovery.

Today (11/25) would have been Nana's 101st birthday. Sure wish she was around to love her grandkids and great grandkids.

11/26 - It appears we are all clear on the storm front. The morning news is back to normal. Only one weather man, we had a two member tag team yesterday, and two field reporters, down from the four frantically looking for ice on Monday. Still cold and breezy though.

This is going to get interesting. There are no FDA regulations for DNA testing companies yet the FDA has told 23andMe to stop selling their test kits. Claim it's a medical device. If that's the case, if the police want to test your DNA, ask for their FDA certification. Lots of other issues involved too.

  • 11/27 - Just flipped through all the local newscasts. There is a car chase going on south of Dallas. Guess what is on every channel. Yup, helicopter coverage of the chase.

I like it.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat responsibly, ha yeah right. Dress appropriately, aka loose. No shopping allowed unless it's a beer run to 7-Eleven.

Despite the name, turkey is not the specialty at Squat & Gobble.
as you can see - 

Snoopy will fly! Winds OK in NYC.

Not particularly enjoying the new Kit Kat mail app.

A new release of my operating system to play with. Linux Mint 16 is available. It's working fine during my testing. Try it, it's free.
My new identity for the holiday season. 

 I just went to my mailbox for the first time since Wednesday. It being holiday shopping season, I expected to find a ton of junk mail. Not so, there were four pieces of mail and three were junk. Now don't look in my email in-boxes and spam folders. Those are overflowing. Times change.


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