Monday, December 23, 2013

Scattershooting 12-22-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great  

Peter O'Toole

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

I wonder if the University of Texas will take back the former "head coach in waiting" Will Muschamp now that Mack Brown has resigned? Muschamp already has the wardrobe.

It got up to about 65° today (12/16). Finally good weather for a bike ride. It's the first time in about 10 days that I was completely warm to the bone. I hate winter.

Speaking of bikes, this looks pretty much like my first bike although I think it was smaller than this one.

And this looks like my first big boy bike that I rode everywhere including 30 mile round trip rides to the beach. A three speed with coaster brakes. 

One of the best ever. RIP Ray. Here's the video of For the Good Times. A great song.
The great Ray Price
There was a story on the CBS news tonight that said scientists have discovered that the reason penguins huddle together is to keep warm. Wonder how much that study cost? Their next study will probably be to determine why humans turn on the AC when it is hot. Your research dollars at work.

Typical - yesterday I bought bacon at Market Street and today I get their weekly ad in my email that has a BOGOF coupon for bacon.

I think I need one of these.

The updated AT&T U-verse app for Android lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote for the TV. The setup is a little sloppy and the app design is less than ideal. Fairly typical for AT&T. How come a giant communications company, with tons of money, along with partner Yahoo can't do better on their online presence?

OK, I have been a supporter of gay rights for many years. Let's say that Phil Robertson is probably a racist and homophobic. Even so, he has the right to state his beliefs and A&E should let the viewers decide whether to watch his show or not. We have gone from not being able to even mention homosexuals existence to openly denigrated them to not being able to say anything anti-gay. As usual the pendulum has swung too far to the extreme. I don't like Phil Robertson and people like him but I do support their right to state their opinions and beliefs. Freedom of speech, freedom to be an ass.

I know it's an old movie, but Matt and I watched Flight last night. Pretty good flick. As usual Denzel was great and John Goodman was perfect as the comic relief drug dealer.

Yummy and educational.

Awkward - I think we can end the search.

I just watched the guy next door make about 10 trips to the car. Each trip he was carrying suitcases, bags, boxes or other stuff. Finally mom and the new baby went to the car. I'm guessing Christmas at the grandparents. I remember those days. 600 pounds of stuff to support a 12 pound baby.

I knew that - restroom sign.


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