Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - March 2015

  • Why does Al Sharpton get to be a spokesman for or included in every damn event that has even a hint of racial involvement? 
  • On that same topic, I was offended that Sharpton had powered his way to the front of the VIP group during the Bloody Sunday commemoration. I understand the president being in that first group, but the other spaces should have been limited to those who participated in the 1960's Civil Rights struggles. 
  • With props to Dilbert's dad - 
  • It is impossible for the cook to serve bacon without snitching at least one strip for herself/himself.
  • How I wish I had interviewed my parents, grandparents and other relatives about their lives and the family histories.
  • The other day I described a U.S. Senator at technically ignorant. I apologize for being redundant and verbose. The correct term should have been simply Senator. 
  • Is there any actual history on History Channel any longer? Pawn Stars and Swamp People don't count.
  • Another example of language bloat - "score the basketball". A phrase used by many of the basketball analysts. What the hell else are they supposed to score, their Nikes, their jockstraps, their tattoos? 
  • Bought a washcloth and a towel. The washcloth was $5 and the towel was $7. Towels are way bigger. My question, are washcloths overpriced or are towels underpriced?
  • Remember when people in public, like performers, tried to look as good as possible. Maybe put on a nice outfit. Seems that paradigm has radically changed. 
  • I am really tired of the over enthusiastic studio audiences on TV shows. Extended applause, standing ovations, false laughter. It all obliterates several minutes of the actual show. 
  • Have college fraternities outlived any reason for their existence? Was there ever a good reason for their existence.  
  • How can the white, Christian majority play the persecution card with a straight face? Have they forgotten all the people they actually persecuted over the years?
  • Do those who pass laws like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, forget that we went through this same battle in the 1960's. It was Blacks (Negroes or Colored at the time) then, but the same principle. Many religious folks and religions thought serving Blacks was an affront to their religious freedoms. 
  • I often jot down a cryptic note and upon later review have no idea what it means. This blog would be great if I could remember all my wonderful ideas. Those notes were brilliant.
  • It used to be I'd make a reference to something and say, kids ask your parents to explain. Now I'm finding I have to say, kids ask your grandparents. Remember, some people born in the 1990's are now parents.  

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