Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scattershooting 04-05-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Does anybody else feel that with all the promotions and advertising for the movie "Get Hard" we have already seen all the jokes and funny scenes? I have absolutely no desire to see the movie.

Math humor -

Come to the new Bedford Beach. Bet you didn't know that Bedford had a beach, well we do now. They really lowered the Boys Ranch lake again over the weekend. We now have beautiful beaches, a fountain, an island, a pier and even a sandbar a few yards offshore. I expect the tourists to be flooding in to take advantage of this tropical paradise. Hurry though, the lake is scheduled to be completely drained and dredged in a couple of months.

Happy 70th Birthday to Eric Clapton (3/30). His music has given me many hours of pleasure over the years. Hard to pick a favorite but this is one of them. A very biographical song he wrote about his time with Pattie Boyd. I'm sure she did look "Wonderful Tonight" -

Amazon just added my zip code for one hour delivery (3/31). For Prime members only. One hour delivery is $8 but two hour is free. Pretty good deal. I can't imagine needing anything in one hour but same day delivery (2 hours) would be nice. I feel a test run coming over me. What should I order?

Apparently it was hot enough today to cause hallucinations. I could have sworn that I saw about 15 workers and three pieces of heavy equipment still at work at Boys Ranch at 5 PM. I know that couldn't be real. Came home and opened a cold beer to cure the apparent heat stroke. Seems to be working.

Unfortunately even minus 11 years my brain would still be old.

Eating spinach every day could make your brain 11 years younger

Yes it is, but I rarely partake. Kind of the same as New Year's. It is amateur day/night. So have fun if you are so inclined.

Conflict.  -

The Ballpark is going to smell like bacon this season. Here are just two of the new items from the Texas Rangers "Just Bacon State Fare" themed menu. This is just wrong on so many levels. I hope season ticket holders get a coupon for 50% off on heart bypass surgery.

I watched the Annie Lennox PBS concert that I recorded this morning. It was her take on the Great American Songbook. For the most part, she can take it. Very disappointed. Not thrilled with the song selections or the presentations. She also overdid the diva stuff. Annie has a strong voice and has done good stuff in the past, just not this time IMHO. You can watch it and decide for yourself.

Happy Easter -

My review of -

Chan’s Mongolian Grill

It's finally here. Today is the opening day of the 2015 MLB season. Only one game tonight, the Cards @ Cubs. Game is on ESPN2 @ 7:00 CDT. Rest of the teams crank it up on Monday.

You just never know who you'll see on an Easter Sunday bike ride -


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