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Scattershooting 04-26-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

My inner child awakened tonight. I had a craving for mac and cheese. I usually have a package stashed in the back of my cupboard for just these occasions. It was the upscale Shells & Cheese variety, the one with the package of fake cheese paste instead of the fake cheese orange powder. It was delicious and there is some left in case little Billy shows up again tomorrow.
The sad part is their parents and many in the community are probably proud of them. It's the parents who taught the kids to be intolerant.

Pennsylvania High School Students Organize “Anti-Gay Day”

Well if you stay up late enough and watch Encore Westerns channel you see some strange stuff. Tonight (this morning) is was Ride 'Em Cowboy from 1942 starring Abbott & Costello, two of our great western heroes. It also had a cameo by Ella Fitzgerald. Her song was great, the rest of the movie not so much.

It's a gift. I went for a walk this afternoon and without paying any attention to the time I got home at exactly 5:00. Just in time for happy hour. Progress continues at Boys Ranch both by the wildlife and construction crews. A couple of duck families had the ducklings out for swimming lessons. Saw some goslings too for the first time. The canal in the construction photo used to be small enough to jump across and was 4 feet deep at most.

My Nexus 7 (2013) just got the Android 5.1 update now the N7 and his little brother Nexus 5 are on the same release again. Of course it appears that Android 5.1.1 is just about ready to rollout, although that is just a bug fix release except for Android Wear devices.

We are doomed. We have two weather guys, including the "Chief" meteorologist, in shirtsleeves on the 4:00 news. Big storms coming tonight. Of course it is 75° and sunny right now so they are explaining why it isn't storming now as they predicted.

I feel better now because what I thought was the CBS11 weather department or team is now the Weather Authority. We are also in a Weather Alert Day. That alert was not issued by the National Weather Service, but by CBS11. There is a weather alert bug in the upper right corner of the screen just in case you forget. Talk about self-importance.

After my posts about the terrifying weather forecasts yesterday afternoon I'm sure you will be glad to know that I survived. Turns out the weather authority and their weather alerts were just a tad off. No, we didn't get off scot-free. Very early this morning, 12 hours after the dire warnings, we endured torrential drizzle. So glad we were warned.

I tried this and it worked. Installed ARC Welder in Chrome 42 browser on a Linux Mint 17.1 system. I tried the GoComics app. Able to sign into my account. Navigation is a little awkward without a touch screen but it is possible. Give it a try.

How to Use Google’s ARC Welder to Run Android Apps in Chrome

My guess is that tough guy Bobby will soften his stance when the big money Republican folks and business people tell him to cool it. Pretending to be a discriminated against Christian conservative in Louisiana doesn't quite ring true to me.

Bobby Jindal: I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage
New inflatable bike helmet. I'm for sure going to get a couple of these. I think I'll wear one already inflated most of the time because it is so stylish.

It's about time, Pete Rose is a jerk but he was a helluva ballplayer for a long time. I think he even got several hits during his career. What he did was no more harmful to the game than what all the roid boys did.

The new Late Late Show guy, James Corden is working a four day schedule. Friday nights are reruns, same as Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers. That's OK, his show isn't very good anyway. I really miss Craig Ferguson & Geoff.

Funny. I was working on my PC and listening to Pandora. The song Monday Morning by Peter, Paul & Mary came on. At some point in the song Google interpreted something as "OK Google" because the voice search screen popped up. I can assure you that nowhere in this old folk ballad do the words Google or OK appear. Check for yourself, it's a lovely song.

Yes, but then again most laws unfairly target minorities and the poor. BTW, the Dallas helmet law mentioned in the article has been repealed. They had to to make the bike-share program feasible.

Great day to be outside after yesterday's crappy weather. Nice day for a bike ride although it did get a little windy in the afternoon. Several neighborhoods are sporting brand new 65 gallon recycle carts. They were delivered today. How many empty crushed beer cans and wine bottles does it take to fill up a 65 gallon cart? The 18 gallon bins they replaced were pretty easy to fill up. I'll report back in the future with the answer. Just another of life's challenges.
I think Roku needs one of those "last" or "recall" buttons on their remote. I was trying to watch the White House Correspondents Dinner on CBSN and the Gators baseball game on SEC Network+ (ESPN3) at the same time. Solution was to put the game on my tablet. I don't need to hear a baseball game.
My opinion is that president and amateur comedian Barack Obama was better than professional comedian Cecily Strong at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. There was a reason she got kicked off the Weekend Update on SNL. A couple of decent lines but overall a very weak performance. Obama zinged several folks.

Heard this song a few days ago and it has stuck with me. For this‪ #‎SongSunday‬ we have the great Dick Dale. Dick is credited with creating surf music and the surf guitar sound. Dick actually was a surfer, unlike many of the artists and groups that jumped on the surf music bandwagon in the 60's. He was a friend of Leo Fender and one of the first to play Fender guitars. Dick also plays the guitar backwards. He is a left handed guitar player but merely turns a right handed guitar upside down rather than restringing it. Mr. Dale is still performing at age 77. Here is the surf classic Misirlou -

Here is a 1995 performance that more clearly shows Dick's guitar work.

Quick walk around Tara this afternoon. Little Bear Creek is flowing strong after Friday's storms. Saw several turtles but most wouldn't stay above water long enough for a picture. This one guy didn't move. That may be because he was drunk. The white can next to him is a Miller Lite empty. Big birthday party at Sparger Park. Lotsa kids. Thunder boomers chased me home.


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