Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Scattershooting 04-12-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Wow, after the baseball game I switched channels to watch the news only to find that The Ten Commandments movie was still on. I watched about the last 20 minutes of the movie. I haven't seen the movie in many years. To say that it doesn't hold up is an understatement. It is almost laughable. The script/dialogue/narration are terrible. The special effects are not only bad, they are very hokey. The costumes, wigs and makeup are ridiculous. Lastly the acting is atrocious. The film is almost 60 years old so I can forgive the production qualities. The script and acting have no excuses.

How can the Yankees fans cheer Alex Rodriguez? He's a 39 year old doper who can't play anymore. A self centered cheater who will let the team down in a New York minute. About $25 million for a DH batting in the 7th hole. Quite a bargain.

A new generation of ducks has appeared at Boys Ranch. Saw at least three momma ducks with ducklings. They are staying in the trees by the creek. More will be coming because I saw a duck rape too. Deputy Duck was called in to investigate the rape. They are suppose to drain the lake in a few weeks so I wonder what will happen then.

Got Android 5.1 OTA update on my Nexus 5 today (4/6). Took about 45 minutes to download, install and optimize all the apps. Nothing earth shattering. Only minor problem was it took forever for Google and Amazon to upload a couple of photos I took after the update. Looks like Google had to resync all the photos, don't know about Amazon. OneDrive had no problem. Still waiting on a Nexus 7 update.

Did you celebrate? I fulfilled my obligation. 

I have been derelict in my music duties. I missed #SongSunday, #MusicMonday and #TuneTuesday. I have no idea what to call this Wednesday entry. While checking the entertainment for this weekend's Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival I saw that Atlanta Rhythm Section (ARS) is performing Saturday night. A great group from the 70's. I lived in Atlanta when they started plus a couple of the original members were formerly in The Classics IV, a group formed in Jacksonville. Here is their song about the northeast Atlanta suburban town where they worked as studio musicians and then formed the group, Doraville

41 years ago today (4/8). Hank Aaron is still the real all-time home run leader. He's also an all-time good guy.
I worked for First Nation Bank of Atlanta at the time. They sure got a million dollars worth of advertising when that historic home run went over the fence right in front of their left field billboard.

A great money saving strategy.
On this final day of the Masters golf tournament, we watch a 21 year old Dallas native try to make history in Augusta, GA. This tune seemed appropriate for ‪#‎SongSunday‬. Here is a song made famous by the legendary Ray Charles. It reached #1 on the Hot 100 in 1960 and is the official state song of Georgia. Here is Georgia on My Mind -

Today (4/12) is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and I don't have any bread. I guess I could use tortillas but that's a quesadilla. Would that count?


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