Monday, January 26, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - January 2015

  • Why would a yoga mat made out of synthetic stuff cost $60, marked down from $80? Glad I don't need one.
  • Often times I laugh at myself. Occasionally I laugh with myself, which is better than at.
  • Why do peas have to be split in order to be in soup?
  • I get a lot of exercise getting up from my chair to fetch the stuff I just forgot on my last trip.
  • Ironically, Barack Obama is not covered by ObamaCare. He has a slightly better plan.
  • Why do sports reporters/announcers always say "flu like symptoms"? Do athletes just get the symptoms and not the actual flu?
  • If I live to be 2,000 years old I will never be able to use all the address labels various charities have sent me. 
  • 99% of so called "experts" who have very simple solutions to complex problems are full of shit.
  • Has there ever been one of those fragrance commercials that made any sense? We're inundated with them during the holidays.
  • The election of Barack Obama was a milestone in Black history. It was an even bigger accomplishment for the majority White electorate.
  • How come in Westerns the horses never get shot?
  • Why does everyone always say "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"? How come Christmas is merry and New Years is happy and not the other way around?
  • Getting clothes out of the dryer is a joy on these cold damp days.
  • All indications are that I have survived to see another year rung in although it may just be a dream. 
  • It is clear to me that most celebrities, other public personalities and politicians do not possess an "embarrassment gene".
  • Remember when a blitz in football used to be called a red-dog?
  • Given the changing landscape of fashion and what is "in" vs what is "out", shouldn't tattoos and piercings be given considerable thought? Look at photos from 30, 20, 10 or even 5 years ago for proof that styles change.

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