Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scattershooting 02-01-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Did anybody else watch the premiere of Backstrom on Fox the other night? I think it has potential but the first episode was uneven. It's a very strange comedy/drama about a dysfunctional but of course brilliant detective. Big cast so it may take some time to sort it all out. I'll give it another look next week before deciding if it's worth the time investment. 

God @TheTweetofGod -
The ‪#‎blizzardof2015‬ is coming so please stay safe inside, unless you're a TV reporter whose job is to stand in the snow like a dumbass. 

Apparently I missed the Miss Universe contest once again. I certainly hope an Earthling won again. I'd hate to see one of those babes from Saturn win and break Earth's winning streak. BTW, in 2015 shouldn't it be called the Ms. Universe contest?

This is my preconceived notion of Fox News & MSNBC -

Jim "Blizzard Boy" Cantore is loving the weather in the northeast. Based on the Weather Channel, I predict that Boston will be completely destroyed by this blizzard. They seem to be backing off the complete destruction of NYC. BTW, there apparently is absolutely no weather in any other part of the country.

I'm thinking that with a high temp of 72° on Tuesday (1/27), the blizzard will not be a problem locally.

How true -

Seems like a perfect way to ruin both a hotdog and a piece of fried chicken. Another reason the rest of the world hates us.

Last night on The Nightly Show the discussion was about vaccines and immunization. One panel member was a doctor, one a pro vaccine parent, one kind of on the fence and one very anti-vaccine parent. The anti-vaccine one brought up the same tired and often disproved stuff about autism. Larry Wilmore, the host, asked this woman if they developed a vaccine that would prevent autism would she have her kids take it. She said no, she wouldn't trust science or the government that it would work. Wow, that is amazing thinking. Hope she has a large supply of tin foil hats.

Be prepared. The next few weeks will have many more catastrophes, crimes, government screwups and general bad stuff. Why you may ask? It's because TV rating sweeps start tomorrow and continue through February 25th. Be sure to check your hype meter because it will be under severe strain.

I am all in favor of immunizations but I do find it ironic how big a deal the news outlet have made of the current measles "outbreak". There are around 100 reported cases in the country. That is headline news. There was a time when a single school might have that many cases of measles, chicken pox or mumps within a couple of weeks. Yes, I had them all. Except for the missing school part a shot or two would have been preferable to the actual disease.

Watched the hour long interview of now baseball commissioner emeritus Bud Selig on the Charlie Rose Show. According to Bud he did everything perfectly during his tenure. Not a single mistake. Even the PED stuff was handled exactly right. Kind of reminds me of Jimmy Carter's opinion of his administration. I may have a slightly different take on both of them.

Just heard that Rod McKuen died today (1/29). Back in my high school days he was a big deal as a poet and part of the folk music culture. I had several of his poetry books. As I grew older, I wasn't nearly as enamored by him and found his stuff to be pretty shallow. Pop poetry is probably an apt description and as the 60's flower culture faded, so did Rod. Hey, at least he got many of a certain age to read poetry. RIP.

Strange, I finished watching some recorded stuff and checked to see what was on broadcast TV. It seems that the 1992 PBS/BBC series Sherlock Holmes (not the current Sherlock with Cumberbatch) is on at the same time as the CBS series Elementary which is about a direct descendent of Sherlock.

I watched the second episode of "Backstrom" tonight. Strange, unorthodox, bizarre, different plus a few more adjectives. I can't imagine that the Portland PD or now the fire dept. are thrilled with their portrayal by this show. Backstrom showed some actual human emotions in this episode. It's interesting, probably have to watch episode three next week.

Misleading numbers - Statistics

I am really tired of the way the media manipulate statistics to scare the shit out of us. It is especially bad now during TV sweeps. For instance if 0.0002% of the general population has an ailment and if you drink 15 beers a day it will double your chances of getting the ailment, that means 0.0004% of the beer drinkers will get the ailment. Not exactly time to panic although that might be a few too many beers. Unfortunately the scare inducing media never tell us the starting number so twice as many or a 35% increase, etc. always sounds terrible.

Perfect -

Boys will be boys -

Watching the Gators basketball game and listening to Pandora on this dreary day. A rendition of a favorite song sung by a favorite artist came on that I had never heard. Pretty good. Here is the great Dusty Springfield singing How Can I Be Sure -

And here is the Rascals version in a fuzzy video. Looks like it was on Hullabaloo -

We sure have some doozies in our Texas legislature. This representative is from the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood area. I wonder if Muslim visitors in our military would have to take the pledge? It's obvious she doesn't represent all the constituents in her district.

Rep to Staff: Ask Muslim Visitors to Pledge Allegiance

Seems there is some sort of football contest on Sunday. It is so complex, interesting and important that NBC will begin TV coverage at 11:00 AM CST for a 5:30 PM game. Not to be outdone, ESPN will begin at 9:00 AM. By the way, what is this xlix thing on all the promos?

I was wondering what to post for this ‪#‎SongSunday‬ when I stumbled upon the fact that today is Bob Shane's 81st birthday. Bob is the only surviving member of the Kingston Trio. He had to quit touring a few years ago after a heart attack. Bob was always my favorite member of K3. He was the cool guy. He had a great voice and this is one of my favorite all-time songs. Here is the great Bob Shane singing Scotch and Soda. Happy Birthday Bob.

This is a much later version of the song. If the 8/18/07 date is correct it is probably the last time the guys were together. Nick and John both died in 2008. Bob proves that he's still got it. The story about the song is interesting -



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