Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scattershooting 01-25-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

For a change of pace I walked around Chisholm Park this morning (1/19). Haven't been there since summer. What a surprise. The whole Chisholm Aquatics Center has been completely razed. The buildings, pools and water features are all gone. Lotsa work going on and a steady stream of cement trucks. Right now it's just some big holes. It looks like the footprint will be about the same size or a tad bigger.
The old, now demolished, water park
Seemed like a good speech to me. I'll of course have to wait for the TV experts to tell me for sure what I think.
On the same subject, that Republican rebuttal by Joni Ernst was terrible. Did you know she only had one pair of shoes growing up? Bad wig too.

So far so good today (1/21). Quick run to Kroger and found Pabst 12 packs on sale for $9.49. Then on to the bike shop and I managed to get out for less than $100 which is always a challenge. Since Fred's Downtown Philly is next to the bike shop I had to get a Philly cheesesteak which by the way goes perfectly with a cold PBR. A productive and delicious day.

Exactly -

I mentioned last week that a grader was stuck in the drainage canal at Boys Ranch. Today (1/23) was the first time I've been back there and it's still in exactly the same place. Had a camera this time. Maybe it's not actually a working piece of equipment and is going to be part of the new playground. The kids will love it. The lake was back almost to normal level too after yesterday's rain. It had been dropped a few feet, I assume for the canal construction. As usual no workers on site.

Hey folks, immunize your kids so these little guys won't be exposed to measles. Believe in medical science, not conspiracy theorists or kooky celebrities.

Sad day for baseball fans. Ernie Banks, AKA Mr. Cubs, died today (1/23). I often saw Ernie play on TV in the 50's and 60's. I was lucky enough to see him play live once when the Cubs visited the Braves in either '68 or '69. "Let's play two today." RIP Ernie.

Words to live by. I try to live up to it each day.

I heard this song Saturday when it played over the closing credits of a TV show. I haven't heard it in a long time, in fact I haven't heard any Jim Croce songs in forever. It seemed Jim and his songs were everywhere in the early 70's and then tragically he was gone at 30. This song became popular after his death. So for this ‪#‎SongSunday‬ it is the January 1974 #1 hit Time In A Bottle -

Here is a bonus ‪#‎SongSunday‬ selection. Today is Alicia Keys' 34th birthday, so it seems appropriate to listen to her stuff. She is one of my favorite current artists. This is the title song, which she co-wrote, from her 2012 album. It rose to #5 on the R&B/Hip Hop chart and #11 on the Hot 100. Here is Girl On Fire -

He truly is Coach K now. Mike Krzyzewski wins his 1,000th NCAA basketball game as Duke beats St. Johns 77-68. Congratulations.


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