Monday, September 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - September 2014

  • For some reason my high school gym locker combination just popped into my head. It was 34-36-6. 
  • In the same vein, I never had a lock on my school locker. Never had anything stolen but it was rigged on occasion so all the books (and cigarettes) fell out when I opened the door. 
  • It seems that I have to flip the page on my monthly calendar more frequently even though the pages still show 30 or 31 days per month.  
  • How come when you step on something in your carpet you can't find it again to pick it up?
  • I wish I had discovered the joy of long walks and bike rides much earlier in my life.
  • What percentage of tennis balls sold wind up on walkers?
  • What percentage of golf balls wind up in the water?
  • Isn't it strange that star NFL players seem to be forgiven for their off field transgressions while marginal players are not.
  • Molded into my ice cube storage bin are the instructions "DO NOT WASH IN BOILING WATER". Is that really the most common mistake people make with their ice cube bins? Do many folks actually wash stuff in boiling water?
  • There are many people who would rather bitch than fix the problem. 
  • When you get to a certain age, any song recorded in the last 25 years is new music.
  • Almost all dramas are based on the main players being alternately stupid and brilliant.
  • Remember when the barber put a board across the big chair arms for the kids to sit on?
  • Did you ever shake your head and laugh at your parents for watching reruns of the Lawrence Welk Show? Do you now watch reruns of shows on TVLand or Encore Westerns? Do you listen to Oldies radio or a 60's Pandora station? I do and I'm sure my kids shake their heads and laugh at me.
  • Why in the government do we need both "assistant" and "deputy" in job descriptions? And of course we also have "deputy assistants". Are there any "assistant deputies"? This country, private and public, is full of title bloat.
  • Have you noticed that your friends who take those "who or what" you are or would have been tests on Facebook never turn out to be Hitler, ragweed, an ancient slave, pit bull, dumb or anything else less than wonderful? 
  • Does your dishwasher fill up evenly? I seem to sometimes fill the top rack with hardly anything on the bottom. Next time it's reversed. Once in awhile it comes out even and I'm happy. 
  • While it is thought that fewer than 10% of our population suffers from gluten intolerance it seems over 50% of our foods are labeled gluten free. 
  • I noticed that some candies are labeled fat free. Does that make them health foods? Do people eating flavored sugar really care about a little fat?
  • I am not a fan of Rick Perry, but these charges, indictment and booking seem like a huge waste of time by our legal system on what is a political issue. Please, don't make Perry a martyr.
  • Watching 60 Minutes and they have a news break before the commercials. Only time for a couple of items. They mention the Napa Valley earthquake and then tell us what the largest grossing film of the weekend was. Really, the Middle East and Ferguson are a mess and we need to know Guardians & Turtles are making money?
  • Is it just me, very often I have no idea what the advertised drug is for. Only thing I usually remember is that it will make one leg shorter than the other and/or kill you among the other 63 side effects. 
  • It is difficult to refrain from being judgmental of those who are overly judgmental. 
  • Pandora does an amazing job of playing songs I like. The more you listen, the better it gets. Hardly ever a clunker. 

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