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Scattershooting 09-14-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

I've met this guy -

It's a double header tonight (9/8). This is a combination harvest moon and final super moon of the summer. The skies are crystal clear here in D/FW. Still a little warm but there is a breeze. Great night for a walk.

While waiting for the news I flipped on the ESPN football game. Horrified to see Chris Berman doing the game. Trent Dilfer on color is not much better. Doesn't ESPN have about a thousand announcers? They can't find anybody better than these two. Caught a glimpse of Berman during the opening. Seems every time I see him his fake hair is a different color and texture. Hey Chris, you are an old, fat, bald blowhard. The mess on your head doesn't make you sexy.

Somebody didn't think this through -

Great story at the Rangers game tonight. Rita turned 99 in late August and her birthday wish was to go to a Rangers game and have a hot dog and a couple of beers. She made it. They interviewed her during the 7th inning. Said she already had the dog and beer. Asked what she was going to do after the game she said "go dancing". Asked what she was going to do next year for her 100th birthday she said "throw out the first pitch". Rita is my kinda gal.

Exactly 50 years ago today (9/10), many of us were hunkered down as Hurricane Dora decided to hit Jacksonville. My house on the Southside missed flooding by a couple of inches. No power but the phones worked.

Here is a combination #TBT and 50th anniversary. Yesterday, 9/10, was the 50th anniversary of the day Hurricane Dora hit Jacksonville. On 9/11/64 the Beatles played Jacksonville. It was an outdoors concert at the Gator Bowl. There were still widespread power outages, flooding, downed trees, road closures, damaged and destroyed property and all the other stuff that goes with a direct hit from a hurricane. Despite that, over 20,000 Floridians showed up for the concert. I was one of them along with my running buddies Joe andTommy. Fun night, fun memories.

As I usually do, I was checking tonight's (8/11) TV listings. I noticed that the musical guest on Jimmy Fallon tonight is Chris Brown. This guy is a thug. He's the one who was convicted of assaulting Rihanna and has been in and out of trouble and jail for years, as recently as this summer. Seems an insensitive and stupid guest choice especially in lieu of the current attention to domestic violence. Way to go Jimmy.

Classy broad. No matter what you think of Barack Obama or his stint as president, we should all be eternally thankful to him. He is the guy who defeated John McCain and thereby kept Sarah Palin from becoming vice president.

God @TheTweetOfGod -
"In those cases where the Bible clashes with reality, reality is in error."
"Life is sexually transmitted." 

Tonight (8/12) I'll be with one of my favorite people at one of my favorite places. It's father-son night with Matt at the ballpark. Braves vs Rangers. I used to live in Atlanta and go to see Hank Aaron play. Now I live in D/FW and root for the Rangers. Barring rain we'll have a great time. Bundle up, temps in the 60's at game time. It was 101° a couple of days ago.

Update: It was cold, rainy and windy. A great night at the ballpark, is there any other kind. Rangers won.

Before the football games start we have to do #SongSunday. I like duets by people who don't normally sing together. Here is a song originally recorded by the songwriter, Roy Orbison, in 1961. It made it to #1 on the Cashbox chart and #2 on the Billboard 100. This version is a re-release in 1987 sung as a duet with Roy and k.d. lang. It was part of the soundtrack of a now long forgotten film. Here is that version of Crying sung by two great singers.

Here is the solo version by Roy Orbison -

And here is a solo version by k.d. lang -


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