Thursday, May 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - May 2014

  • What do all these "producers" do? Watch an old movie or TV show credits and there was one producer. Now there are dozens of them.
  • How much is it going to cost to find the Malaysian flight MH370?
  • Does it scare you a little when that person who couldn't navigate the shopping cart drives off in a giant SUV.
  • OK gang - this is a slash / and this is a backslash \ . Is that clear?
  • I kind of understand why some guys, especially those in public professions, would wear a toupee/wig. I don't understand why they would wear one that is so obvious even from 12 blocks away.
  • Who knew that Fox News has a Latino website? Of course it's not nearly as anti-immigration as Fox News TV.
  • Ever hear someone say "This is not what Americans do." It's only said after we did it, whatever that might be.
  • Americans are a very moral people, in hindsight. 
  • It turns out that animals are much smarter than we give them credit for. Or maybe we are not nearly as smart as we think we are.
  • Seems Rush Limbaugh is opposed to Stephen Colbert taking over The Late Show. Well, I'm opposed to Rush on the radio. Are we even now?
  • Many of our TV and radio pundits are spouting facts based on opinion.
  • Did any of you ever take Language Arts in school?
  • Do celebrities in commercials really influence people? When I see jerks like Tiger Woods endorsing a product, I won't buy it. I'll never play golf as well as he does and I certainly don't admire his personal life.
  • No one wants to be judged their whole life for the worst decision they ever made.
  • I don't remember ever getting a thunderstorm warning when I grew up in Florida. How did we survive? 
  • Remember when these fancy crossover vehicles were called station wagons?
  • Why do we still have an embargo against Cuba? It has been in effect for over 50 years.
  • Do you ever get confused about what day or time it is when you watch a TV program that you recorded?
  • Do you dislike small talk, but enjoy deep discussions? 

  • If you are in charge of an oppressive and/or very unpopular government, get rid of all the public squares. That's always where the trouble begins.
  • Do you think Duke University might be a little embarrassed by Duke Energy?
  • Cliven Bundy, bigot rancher, should be very thankful to Donald Sterling, bigot NBA owner, for getting him out of the spotlight and the headlines.

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