Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - January 2014

by Bill Holmes  


  • Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many other great singers wouldn't stand a chance on The Voice, American Idol, etc. because they didn't yell and oversing. 
  • How come men coach women's sports but women don't coach men's sports?
  • Are stock markets any more rational than gambling or any less gossip driven than Entertainment Tonight?
  • Isn't that whole presidential pardon for a turkey getting very old?
  • How come in the old Westerns there was always a pass available to "cut 'em off"?
  • Ever notice that everybody thinks they have a really hard job, even those with well paid cushy jobs. Now me, I'm dying out here with trying to be retired. 
  • If you own or manage a business, put the smoking or break area away from the customers. The employees will probably be bitching about work/bosses. Not good PR.
  • I'm pretty sure that soon you will be able to say "OK Google, what the hell do I do now?" and you will get a reasonable answer. Siri will just give you a snide response.
  • I'm pretty much almost literally sick of people saying literally. I would be virtually sick, but they are literally over- and mis- using the word(s). I'm either virtually going to puke, no big deal, or literally going to puke, a mess. 
  • I rarely watch Leno but it seems when I do he has a man on the street or "Jay Walking" segment that is depressing. There are a lot of stupid people walking around out there. 
  • Somehow we used to get by on 15 minutes of network news. In 1963 it was expanded to 30 minutes (Walter Cronkite's idea). Now it's 24/7 on multiple networks. Yet most Americans now seem less informed about real issues.
  • How come we still use the title "Honorable" for people who hold certain positions? Many (most?) are not honorable nor deserve our respect. The "Distinguished" representative or senator from (pick your state) is also no longer accurate for most of congress. 
  • Robinson Cano recently signed a 10 year $240 million contract, $24 mil a year. The biggest contract Willie Mays ever signed was one year for $165,000. Is Cano 145 times better than Willie? Hell no, not even equal. Willie would be worth about $50 million per season if he played now. 
  • How can it take six months to get in shape and six days to lose it all?
  • Is Jimmy Carter in jeopardy of losing his most incompetent president of the last 50 years title?
  • Do you ever get confused by a weather or news update while watching a recorded show? Other things can be disconcerting too if you aren't paying attention like time or day of the week. 
  • Of course you realize that West, Texas is not in west Texas.
  • One of the local sports guys called Tony Romo's recent performance "heroic" because he played part of the last game when he was injured. Please, stop using heroic when referring to highly paid sports folks. Romo has a $100+ million contract. How much is that Marine on the front lines of Afghanistan being paid? Deadly bullets flying vs a mean linebacker. There are American heroes but they are not on the gridiron. 
  • There's a reason that product advertised on TV is "not available in stores". 
  • When watching the latest "boy band" I try to be open minded about their ability/talent. After all, the Beatles were probably technically a boy band. It doesn't help, John, Paul, George & Ringo set an impossibly high standard.
  • Lipton now makes Natural Energy tea with more caffeine. Lipton tea, the new coffee. 
  • Isn't it great that we now have a pause button on the remote. Just in time for us baby boomers who can't wait for the next commercial before a bathroom break.
  • Before Mack Brown of Texas resigned he was a bum who couldn't coach anymore. Since he stepped down, he is almost the greatest coach ever. Both views are wrong.


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