Saturday, January 18, 2014

333's Gourmet Taco Shop

by Bill Holmes

I ate lunch at 333's Gourmet Taco Shop in Colleyville on Saturday 1/18. It has been open for six or seven months and I've been meaning to try it. The restaurant is in a small nondescript strip shopping center only a couple of miles from home. It's in a space that has been several different restaurants over the years.

The decor is nothing special. Metal and formica tables and several booths with wooden board tabletops. There are a few TVs hanging from the ceiling that were playing sports. It's bright and kind of industrial. There was generic music playing a little too loudly for my taste. It was not busy, only three other parties already seated and two additional parties while I was there, one of which ordered to-go. There were at least two cooks in the kitchen, one seated me and another brought the food to one of the tables.

The waiter showed up a several minutes after I was seated. I had already read the whole menu and was ready to order so his arrival was a little slow. I ordered iced tea and was informed that it was being brewed and would take a few minutes. No offer to bring a glass of water or another beverage. I would have rather had a cold beer but this is still a BYOB place and I didn't happen to have a beer in my pocket. This is a little bit of a problem to me since I seem to remember reading that they were applying for a liquor permit back when they opened. There is a bar area in the restaurant but it is curtained off. A few minutes later the waiter came back and told me that the tea brewer was broken. I guess they couldn't figure out any other way to brew tea. My home iced tea brewer consists of a pot of boiling water and a big tea bag. The restaurant must have been out of water or pots. I opted for water in place of the tea and was brought a rather small glass that was mostly ice.

On to the food. This place is a fusion of Korean cuisine with Mexican tacos. Interesting but a little confusing. I ordered the Hokey Poke (Po-kay) -

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