Monday, May 11, 2015

Shania Twain - Still The One

I watched this concert on AXS Sunday night. It is the first of a sometimes Sunday nights country concert series. I thought this was a new concert as an introduction to Shania Twain's 2015 tour. In fact, it was a taping of her Las Vegas show at Caesar's Palace that she has been performing for the past two years. It runs for over 90 minutes.

This is a big lavish production with all the glitz of Vegas. It has elaborate sets, special effects, fancy lighting, costume changes, dancers, backup singers, many musicians and animals. It is not your grandfather's country concert. I guess Caesar's doesn't turn the big room over to someone with an acoustic guitar and a stool for two years. 

That's all OK, I am not a diehard old time country fan and I do like Shania. She has always straddled the fence between country and pop. Is she a country artist with pop influences or a pop artist with country influences. I think the answer is yes, it depends on the song. That's OK with me too. 

Shania flew in on a motorcycle for her entrance. It was coordinated with the huge video behind her. During the first few songs it was hard to tell if she was lip syncing or if it was just a delay in the audio system. The audio in these shows goes through all kinds of filters, special effects, computers and amps so sometimes there is a slight delay. Later in the show the sound and lips were on the same page. 

I won't go into the playlist, costume and set changes. Suffice it to say it was elaborate and well done. The supporting players were very good. This was a highly produced and rehearsed performance. Shania sounded good. She is not the most talented or powerful singer in the world nor is she bad singer. She does have an identifiable sound that works very well for the type of music she sings. Her vocal cord problems are behind her. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Shania is still absolutely gorgeous. She has been out of the limelight for about 10 years and will be 50 years old this year. She is aging very well.

I would recommend trying to catch this show if it is broadcast again or shows up on AXS on-demand. Here is a video of my favorite part of the concert. The horse is beautiful as is the rider. It is probably my favorite Shania Twain song and often shows up in my brain as an earworm. 


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