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Scattershooting 05-17-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

As I watch all the flooding reports on the morning news I am thankful that I live across the street from Bedford Heights elementary school. There is a reason it has that name. I know because I have to go uphill to get home from all my bike rides or walks regardless of the direction. During these reenactments of the Noah's Ark story it is the best place to be. Hope all my D/FW friends are dry too.

For those of us who have lived with the drought conditions for the past few years this is amazing. Officials are warning some residents downstream from Lake Ray Roberts to be prepared to evacuate because the lake and dam may overflow. This is a 29,000+ acre lake that has risen 7½ feet in a week and 15 ft in the last few months. Mother Nature sure can turn a drought around in a hurry. We're fine for now mom, get to work on California.

Does this really surprise anyone who has seen the governor? Fugetaboutit.

Christie buys $300K of food & booze with NJ expense account

I've known Bono's Bar-B-Q is great since I was a kid. They come in #10 in this fan voted list of BBQ chains. Others on the list I've eaten at are #25 Dickey's, #20 Red Hot & Blue, #19 Woody's and #1 Sonny's. All good, but Bono's is my #1.
Time for breakfast after a long walk.

This could be dangerous.

Everyone Will Fill a Baseball Glove Flask With Gatorade, Right?

The sun has been out some today but it is still too wet to plow. This morning I walked through Chisholm Park and checked on the Aquatic Center rebuild. No work being done on the pools and water features. A couple of guys doing the brick/stone facade on one of the buildings. I'm betting they aren't ready to open by Memorial Day.

It appears that Firefox 38 has solved a long time problem on Linux Mint with playing DRM videos on Chrome or Firefox. I have always had problems with WatchESPN (ESPN3 & SEC+) when the feed was locked/restricted to those who had a valid cable/dish TV package. The feed would never start after I entered my credentials. As we speak, I am watching the Auburn @ Florida baseball game on SEC+ without problems, no hacks to make it work. I usually use Chrome, but I will gladly crank up Firefox to watch the Gators when needed. I just put Firefox in another workspace. I heard a rumor that Windows 10 will implement workspaces. Only about 20 years after Linux, longer than that for Unix.

Another music legend leaves us. The thrill truly is gone. RIP B.B. -

Congratulations to Adrian Beltre on his 400th home run.


For ‪#‎SongSunday‬ we go back fifty years. This was the number one song in the nation in May 1965. It was the second #1 tune by the great Beach Boys. One of my favorites back then and still is. Here is Help Me, Rhonda -

Very cool.

ASU player catches ball after being plunked


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