Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scattershooting 10-26-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Ben Bradlee

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

The Monday bike ride Bedford report was gathered on a beautiful 80° day. The retaining wall on the new section of Bedford Trail between Oak Valley and Forest Ridge has been built. It still needs to be back filled and landscaped. A problem with the new trail has shown up. The curb cut on the west side of Oak Valley collects mud. The gutter and ramp were covered today. Maybe when they plant grass on the hill it will be OK. They were putting up the permanent lighted signs on the new HWY 55 restaurant location. The fire marshal was there last week. Maybe soon. I saw another lone Monarch butterfly today near the dog park. What is with these single butterflies?
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It's getting nasty in the Gator Nation -

Florida Fan Posts Craigslist Ad in Hopes of Finding Next Gators Coach

Just saw on the news that Social Security benefits will go up 1.7% for 2015. Medicare Part B premiums are supposed to remain the same as 2014 but most Part D drug plans are going up. Will it be a net gain or loss?

Today (10/22) was the first day on the job for our new federal Ebola Czar. There were no new cases in the US today so I guess he's doing a good job. The crisis/epidemic is over.

Went to the newly remodeled Target on Precinct Line today (10/22). Looks brighter and more open but no major changes. Some departments have been moved. Men's department is smaller (of course) and housewares/kitchen section is larger and now along the back wall. The beer is in the same place. The recently announced health clinic is not there or under construction yet.

Today (10/22) was the first time I've ridden over the pedestrian bridge in Hurst since the Airport Freeway project (Northeast Tarrant Express) was finished. Not much traffic in the toll lanes at 2:30, a few more at 3:30. The free lanes were zipping right along. A big difference from before the construction and certainly during the couple of years it took. Don't worry folks, there are plenty of other roads torn up around here to make up for this completed project.

Guess what day it is. It's ‪#‎TBT‬ and time to delve into the archive. Today (10/23) I have a photo of Nana Kelly and all her grandchildren in 1961. It was taken in North Caldwell, NJ at the Warrick's. The Kelly Kousins are Suzanne & John Dowie up front. Jeff Warrick, me, Nana & Bobby Warrick in back. Nice smile Suze. Unfortunately Bobby is no longer with us. The other two pictures are of my Mom. One when she was 15 or 16 and the other from 1950 in Belmar, NJ at the shore. I love these old pictures of my parents when they were young. We never think the older generations were ever kids or young adults.

The Hwy 55 restaurant in Bedford has a sign in the window stating that they will open Monday (10/27). There is another one in NRH scheduled to open soon. It's at 26 and Emerald Hills. I'm sure I'll give it a try in the next couple of weeks although I can't imagine eating there very often.

Saw a report that Joe Maddon, former Rays manager, is seeking a $25 million 5 year deal. Amazingly, I too am seeking that exact same deal. Joe may have a slightly better chance at getting it. I might need to throw in a 6th year.

Hey folks, Wikipedia is holding a fund raising drive. I just contributed a few bucks and so should you if you use it often. I probably check something on Wiki almost every day. It's non-profit, works, has useful information, is free and never has ads.

It's Sunday again already so it's time for ‪#‎SongSunday‬. This song stuck in my head yesterday when I was working in the yard. At my age I find the opening line ironic at the time when my back was aching from bending over. It is a thought we all had back in our teens, I know I did, but now realize it doesn't exactly work that way. That opening line is "Wouldn't it be nice if we were older..." which of course we would now change to "Wouldn't it be nice if we were younger...". The song was released in 1966 on the groundbreaking Pet Sounds album. Written by the great Brian Wilson with words by Tony Asher and sorta Mike Love. It was also released as a single and reached anywhere from #5 to #8 on the various charts. The video is pretty poor quality but the audio is fine. Here is Wouldn't It Be Nice -


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