Saturday, February 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - February 2014

by Bill Holmes  


  • How is it possible for your little toe to find every obstacle? And why are toes so damn sensitive?
  • A college's traditional colors and football uniform will almost always look better than those "special" uniforms designed by Nike or Under Armour.
  • It seems to me that hair down to your waist is not the best idea for a football player.
  • Pot is now legal in Colorado and the world did not end. 
  • During the brutally cold stretch in early January a news reporter urged everyone to stay indoors if at all possible. The reporter was, of course, outside. Guess they don't have any indoor news studios. 
  • "Absolutely" is the new yes. 
  • "No problem" is the new you're welcome.
  • "It is what it is." Required statement for people in sports, especially coaches. I want to know what it is.
  • As we've learned, no failed drug tests does not mean no drugs.
  • Do guys who wear toupees really think they are fooling us?
  • I'm so glad that Pam Oliver, Fox Sports sideline reporter, asked Jim Harbaugh, 49ers coach, how he felt after his team lost the NFC championship game. I thought he would be ecstatic but it turns out he wasn't. 
  • "Going forward" is the new "in the future".
  • There are two states that have legalized marijuana, Colorado and Washington. There are two teams in the Super Bowl, one from Seattle and one from Denver. Coincidence?
  • If I had a nickel for every time I left my reading glasses in the wrong place, I would have a lot of nickels.
  • How come yogurt is always packaged and labeled "fruit on the bottom"? Is that some kind of dairy law? Somebody needs to rebel and start making "fruit on the top" or really go crazy and package "fruit in the middle" yogurt. 
  • The coyote wolf hybrid is called a coywolf. What's wrong with wolfote?
  • Why do the Supreme Court Justices wear judicial robes to the State of the Union speech? Are they going to rule on its constitutionality? 
  • Is "each and every" any different than "every"?
  • What is the State of the Union? I didn't get an answer during the speech.


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