Monday, February 3, 2014

Scattershooting 02-02-14

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great


Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

I can hear the cold front blowing through (1/27). It was 74° on Sunday. Won't get out of the 30's today with 25-30 mph winds and 45 mph gusts. Call me crazy, but I like 74° more than 34°. Back in the 60's by Thursday.

Gators move up to #3 in the latest AP basketball poll. 

Amazing. There will be several once the Olympics start. 

Sochi mayor claims there are no gay people in Sochi

Some pictures and part of the playlist is up for the Beatles Tribute on 2/9, the 50th anniversary of their appearance on Ed Sullivan. I already have my DVR set.

This looks like it might be good - it got a good review from a local D/FW TV critic. And the Oscar Goes To... on TBS. Saturday, 2/1, @ 8:00 PM (EST). 

Teller Speaks! The silent member of Penn & Teller was on Tavis Smiley promoting a documentary he directed called "Tim's Vermeer". He's an interesting and funny guy.

There was a story on local TV about the cost of those skinny plastic pylons that separate HOV lanes from regular lanes on some of the Dallas highways. About 12,000 had to be replaced in the last two years on two major roads at a cost of over $520K. Texas DOT also spent $300K on a study to solve the problem and reduce costs. The problem is that people drive over them, often on purpose to change lanes. I have a relatively cheap solution. Randomly replace some plastic pylons with metal ones filled with concrete. The driver will never know if he's driving over plastic or metal until it's too late. Bet lane hopping is quickly reduced. A little Draconian, but effective.

I wonder what this means for the Fort Worth assembly plant. 
Happy Birthday Nolan (1/31). Wish you were still a Ranger.

In other Rangers news, Michael Young retired today. He spent all but his last season as a Ranger. He played every infield position during his Rangers career. He was the Lone Ranger (pun intended) who survived the disastrous Hicks/A-Rod years to make it to the World Series 2010 & 11. A class guy and fan favorite. If the Rangers are smart, they will hire him. He and Pudge would make a great PR combo. Thanks Michael.

On Letterman tonight, the Eagulls. Not in anyway to be confused with the Eagles.
The Eagulls

Remember, we just celebrated the Chinese new year. It is now the year of the horse. Don't be writing a snake on your checks any longer.

Super Bowl Halftime - Bruno was very good. The guy is a talented entertainer with a lot of energy. I'm not a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Put a shirt on guys and quit yelling.

It's too bad Peyton lost, but this is funny -


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