Monday, November 4, 2013

Very Random Thoughts - November 2013

by Bill Holmes  

  • Ever notice how the hero/star/good guy/gal is often incompetent in the first ¾ of the show/movie but becomes a competent genius in the last 10 minutes? Inconsistent. 
  • Why do sportscasters wear suits to broadcast games and matches? Neither the players or the fans wear suits. Is it to show us how serious and professional the broadcasters are?
  • What purpose does it serve for a TV reporter to be outside an empty building, in the dark, like city hall to report on a meeting that will take place in several hours or already took place several hours ago? I find it especially silly during the early morning newscasts. 
  • How come city councils are so concerned about restricting stores that sell alcohol around schools but not about fast food restaurants? The kids can't buy a beer at 7-Eleven or a bar but they sure can buy a greasy burger or mystery meat nuggets, fries and a 32 oz. soda at McDonald's.
  • In the same vein, why are alcohol sales and sexually oriented establishments restricted from being near churches? Can't god compete on a level playing field? Churches already get a tax break, why a zoning and competition break too.
  • Movie titles and credits used to take a minute or two to run. Now they are as long as the story content and often more interesting. 

  • Why do we have football sideline reporters who ask inane questions? Oh wait I know, it's to get a female into the broadcast. If she's attractive that's OK too. 
  • Does anybody really know what time it is? That might make a good song. What was noon yesterday is now 11:00 AM. Daylight savings vs standard time. 
  • Wait a minute, or an hour, there are now almost eight months of daylight savings time and only about four months of standard time each year. So isn't daylight savings now standard? If so, what should we call the current standard time? Daylight wasting time, daylight spending time, non-standard time? Any suggestions?
  • Is rap music or poetry? Maybe both, maybe neither, maybe cRAP.
  • Remember when morning radio shows had helicopter traffic reports and four or five useless sidekicks on air? Not so much anymore. I'm hoping the contraction trend spreads to TV. Especially in sports. Outlaw the three person broadcast booth and six person studio shows. 
  • The South used to be almost 100% Democratic. Now it's mostly Republican. Will it be Democratic again as minorities become the majority? 


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