Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scattershooting 11-10-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to  

Marvelous Marv Throneberry

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Wait a minute, or an hour, there are now almost eight months of daylight savings time and only about four months of standard time each year in the US. So isn't daylight savings now standard? If so, what should we call the current standard time? Daylight wasting time, daylight spending time, non-standard time? Any suggestions?

  • It's 58° here this morning (11/4) so why do the people upstairs have their air conditioner running? Is the thermostat set to 55°?

Brutal but true.


The chihuahua from next door has been visiting my patio and eating the nuts in the bird feed. The mourning doves don't mind because their beaks are too small for peanuts or pistachios but the cardinals like them.

The landscape gang showed up today (11/5). It's been raining since Sunday so the leaf blowers didn't work too good. The solution, have a guy with a hose follow the guy with the blower to clean the walkways. The concrete is clean but there is debris on the grass. Guess rakes and brooms don't work anymore.

  • I'm prejudiced about this subject but this story does demonstrate a big difference in how "accidents" are handled and national attitudes. I've had several close calls while riding my bike. It's very clear that many of those incidents were due to inattention and distractions. Most accidents probably aren't.

Looks like the kids got my fall harvest. All the fruit is gone. Only remnants of one and it looks smashed not eaten.

  • Seems about right. - You will only be allowed to buy 140 shares of Twitter stock. 
The college basketball season gets underway tonight (11/8) with some Florida flavor. The North Florida Ospreys visit the Florida Gators and the Jacksonville University Dolphins travel to FSU Seminoles. A couple of David vs Goliath matchups.

Both Goliaths won - 

  • It's not only OK to kill a cyclist or pedestrian, it sometimes appears to be encouraged. From a NY Times article.

Just watched the Friday (11/08) episode of Leno that I recorded. Recorded it because Ted Cruz was on and wanted to see how he was going to embarrass Texas. He didn't disappoint. Lightweight Jay Leno, one of the worst interviewers on TV, bested him. Anytime he was asked a tough question, Teddy boy changed the subject or just shook his head. That and a few lies scattered through the conversation showed that Cruz is not ready for prime time.
Ted Cruz

Happy 238th birthday (11/10) to the US Marine Corps.
USMC - born 11/10/1775

Curious. Today during the Fox NFL studio show the guys had Windows Surface tablets on the desk. Of course nobody actually used them. Then a commercial came on and there was Curt Menefee hawking an Amazon Kindle. Seems like a conflict of interest. I bet Curt doesn't use a Surface or Kindle and actually uses an iPad. Truth in advertising.

I'm not a Cowboys fan but I'm also not a Cowboys hater. What I do hate are fat slob, loud mouthed, egotistical, obnoxious football coaches. That description applies perfectly to Rob Ryan, the current Saints and former Cowboys defensive coordinator. He is sure getting a lot of face time on the NBC Sunday Night game. Why would you want this guy's face, or anything else, on your network? Rob is the jerk on the left, his brother Rex is the jerk on the right. Rob  Rex were both trained by daddy jerk Buddy Ryan.

And in conclusion - 
Miracles do happen. The Jaguars ruined their perfect season and won a game. 29-27 over the Titans. Here we come Super Bowl.


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