Monday, December 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - December 2014

  • I don't consider myself stupid but I sure do some really stupid things.
  • How can you be a super patriot spouting freedom of speech, freedom to carry a gun, freedom of (Christian) religion, freedom to fly the (USA) flag and a few other traditional freedoms yet not be for freedom of choice or lifestyle? 
  • Does it make any sense that sometimes you have to wash the inside of your dishwasher?
  • Why is there a block in the back penalty on almost every kickoff or punt?
  • If you ever have second thoughts, congratulations. That's two more than most people.
  • What a difference a few years makes. The returning troops from WWII were honored, those from the Korean conflict were ignored, those from Vietnam were scorned and now we are back to honoring our veterans and active troops.
  • Don't you hate it when you record a show and either the onscreen guide was wrong or some breaking event changes the schedule. What's worse, having the whole program wiped out or just part of it?
  • Being cynical about most celebrities, I wonder what percentage of their "volunteering" for causes is altruistic and how much is really self promotion.
  • Just because the person you're talking to is stupid, doesn't mean you're not also stupid.
  • Is it just me or have those foil and plastic film lids on containers gotten harder to get off or at least to get off in one piece? Seems we have stronger glue these days.
  • How does claiming you thought a conversation was off the record make any difference when you say something stupid and/or offensive? It's still stupid or offensive. 
  • Remember when the news was mostly facts? Now it is mostly opinion, analysis and talking heads.
  • Like most everyone, I enjoy a bargain or good sale. Lately though I find myself getting pissed off at some sales. I feel ripped off by the regular price. A recent GM commercial states you can save $8,000 off the MSRP on a vehicle. How much is the markup on cars/trucks/SUVs?

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  1. Daddy Bill
    according to a coworker of mine who's brother was a car salesman 10 years ago the markup at ford was around 22%.

    Mike P.