Monday, November 3, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - November 2014

  • Have you noticed that many of our well coiffed news readers (aka anchors) are absolutely terrible when there is breaking news and the show has to go off script?
  • When going for a bike ride, briefs are a better choice than boxers.
  • Seems arrogant and obnoxious when a sports announcer &/or analyst starts a comment with "what people don't understand is..." It is usually followed by something I fully understand and most other people do too.
  • Isn't it ironic that although they hate each other, radically religious Jews and radical Muslims share so much. The pork thing, strict dietary rules, the dismissal of women's rights or standing, restrictive clothing rules, sharing the same sabbath and others. What hath god wrought?
  • How come some days you look at the time and think it's still that early. Other days you think it can't be that late already. Guess time is relative.
  • Speaking of time, during my working days I could take care of bodily functions, shower, shave, dress and be out the door in 20 minutes. Now I can't even think about leaving home in less than an hour even if I don't shower or shave and just throw on shorts and a t-shirt. Lacking focus.
  • How come those who are so adamant about freedom of religion are also adamantly against freedom of non-religion or other religions. Maybe because it doesn't match their view of freedom. 
  • Remember when a long distance phone call was a big (and expensive) deal? 
  • Ever hear or see a celebrity's age and think, wow they are getting old? Then realize you are a year older than them. 
  • Can the news media objectively cover stories about the news media?
  • Related item - when a journalist is killed, injured or taken hostage in combat or by terrorists it is the lead story everywhere. When hundreds of the local populace are killed we may never hear about it. The journalists are there by choice, the locals not so much.
  • It should be abundantly clear that our government is incompetent and that they deny and lie about that incompetence. The recent Secret Service and CDC lapses are further proof.
  • It's funny how a person's station in life affects our perception of a their attractiveness or intelligence. I first noticed it with the criteria for attractive (or allegedly attractive) women. A female CEO or politician thought of at a "looker" is not held to the same standards as a sports personality who is not held to the same standards as an entertainment personality who is not held to the same standards as a model. Think about it, Sarah Palin is a political babe (although bimbo is a better description), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo! CEO) is a corporate babe, Lindsey Vonn is a sports babe yet none of them could even be a third string fashion model. The same goes for our perception of intelligence. A genius in baseball or football probably couldn't get in the door at MIT, Google or Apple. I'm sure you can think of other examples.
  • The above bullet may be considered sexist, but it works for women's perception of guys too. I see many fairly ugly guys who are considered hunks because they are movie stars, great athletes or are wealthy. 
  • Is it a law that Mexican and Chinese food must be served at extremely hot temperatures? Watch out, that plate is very hot.


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