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Scattershooting 11-16-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

They are all watching us. A few days ago I wrote a sarcastic post about iHeartRadio having a Christmas Jazz station and wondering what the hell that was. I checked it out just to see. I listened to a few seconds of four or five songs. Now apparently they think I'm a fan. Got this inane email today -
"Hey Bill,
It's been a while since you listened to Christmas Jazz Radio. Did something heavy fall on you? If you need help, we'll be right over to lift it off! Come back and let us know you're ok!"
Thank You to all our veterans and future veterans, those still with us, those who are gone, those who were wounded and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks not just this day, but everyday.

For anyone who has wondered why many of my ‪#‎TBT‬ photos are black and white, here is a perfect explanation thanks to Calvin's dad.

An extra song this week. I'll call it ‪#‎TuneTuesday‬. These guys were on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night. I recorded it because I saw they were on, OK Keira Knightley was on too, a fairly attractive young lady. Their last American TV appearance was 30 years ago on Soul Train. They sang this song last night which was their biggest hit. It reached #4 in the US. Still sounded good to me. Here is Spandau Ballet performing True.

Here's what Spandau Ballet looks and sounds like today -

Guess what day it is!
Actually I don't think the camel or I will be on the bike today (11/12). Right now it is 34° with a 23° wind chill and winds gusting to 28 mph. That's a little too chilly and breezy for me.

"The news is back in the morning." That is the catchphrase for the CBS This Morning program. They proved it this morning (11/12) by airing a hard hitting report on Obama's trip to China and the APEC summit. They covered the stupid silk outfit Obama wore, Putin putting a blanket on the Chinese first lady, a couple of awkward handshakes between participants, Obama avoiding Putin and Obama chewing gum. You know, all the important and substantive issues. Pop news, it's what they all do now.

This is the Obama outfit they were talking about. It is kinda lame but it ain't news.

A quick ‪#‎TBT‬. Here is my first car. It was a new 1968 Opel that I bought in Atlanta a few months after I started working. It was a barebone model, no A/C, no power anything, no carpet, AM radio, four speed on the floor manual transmission and a tiny four cylinder engine that would top out around 70-75 mph (slower uphill). It was pale yellow with black vinyl interior. It cost about $1,800 and my payments were $47/mo. These pictures are in my parents driveway on my first trip home after moving to Atlanta.

My oldies radio station is useless to me for the next few weeks. They have switched to Christmas music. Not the occasional holiday tune but 100% jingle crap. Also got an email from Pandora with a link to their Christmas station. Too soon to be roasting my chestnuts. Bah humbug.

How true - 

The temperature here this morning begins with a 2. That is never good, we are either freezing or near boiling. Take a guess which one. Maybe we'll survive, forecast for next Thursday is around 70°.

I hope this doesn't stick with me. Ear worms can be really annoying, especially if you don't like the song.

Pre-season #7 Gators win their opening basketball game 68-45 over William & Mary. It seems a little unfair for the full Florida team to play just a guy and a gal but we'll take the win.


Oh boy, just what we needed, another awards program. Seems there is a thing called the Hollywood Film Awards. Think I'll find something else to watch.

For this week's ‪#‎SongSunday‬ we highlight what many consider the one hit of the one hit wonder Outsiders. It's the only one I remember. The group actually had a couple of other top 40 songs and made four albums. Here is their 1966 hit that rose to #5 on the charts, Time Won't Let Me -

I still don't always wear a helmet. Have I mentioned that sometimes I don't wear a helmet?


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