Sunday, June 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - June 2014

  • We can learn from our mistakes, unless it is a fatal mistake.
  • If you are trying do decide if the glass is half empty or half full, order another drink.
  • The less you know, the more you think you do.
  • What the hell is a "chef-driven menu"? Seems every restaurant has one now days.
  • Do you find that you almost remember stuff? You get part of the name or circumstance right but miss a key ingredient.
  • Amazingly, people will almost always come down on the side of an issue that best serves their own self interests. The common good be damned.
  • People tend to greatly underestimate the frequency with which they should shut up.
  • What kind of evil satanic person would stoop to such depths to kidnap 200 innocent girls? Oh right, a super religious satanic person.
  • From Twitter -
    God @TheTweetOfGod 
    "Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests a startling number of people are capable of ignoring overwhelming scientific evidence."
  • Does the speaking technique of a person asking themself a question and then answering it bug you? Example: Were mistakes made? Yes. Did we react quickly enough? No. Am I still a terrific leader? Of course.

  • I find it very ironic that our dysfunctional and corrupt US Congress never hesitates to impanel and empower special committees to investigate or call hearings to chastise others for not doing their job perfectly.
  • "Republicans, the party that brought us 'just say no' -- first as a drug policy, and then as their entire platform." -- Stephen Colbert
  • When I see advertisements for big Memorial Day sales, like 50% off everything, my first thought is, "boy, they have really been ripping us off the rest of the year".
  • Is "dysfunctional congress" now redundant?
  • Same thought "incompetent government".


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