Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scattershooting 06-01-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Gil Hodges 

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

It would be nice to have Steve back on the music scene.

Don't Stop Believin': Steve Perry Finally Returns to the Stage!

Quick trip to the grocery store this morning (5/27). The hot dog section was devastated. Guess there was a little grilling over the weekend. I didn't need any hot dogs, just passed by. Luckily the beer cooler had been restocked. Man can live without hot dogs but beer is essential.

Talk about a buzz kill of a good run. Rangers enter the bottom of the 9th with a 3-2 lead over the Twins. Our "closer", Joakim Soria, on the mound. First he gives up the tying run and then makes an error on a dribbler for the lose. A walk off error. 

It's the last Hump Day of National Bike Month for this year (5/28). Another great spring day for a ride. Get moving.

Its #TBT again. Here are a two birthday shots that include a couple of Assumption and Bishop Kenny buddies. The first one is my 9th and that handsome guy on the left is Ron Raizis who was Ronnie at the time. The second photo is my 12th and the 2nd guy from the right is Rick (Ricky) Bennett. The other kids are from the old neighborhood and are heathens who went to public school

Genius - the Walmart on 121 has a big beer display in the sporting goods department. It's on the far side of the store from the grocery section where the beer coolers are. Pick up your plastic worms, fish hooks, ammo, or camping equipment and don't forget that case or two of beer.
This is a pretty amazing change in lifestyle. According to this story only 200 people lived in downtown Dallas in 1999. There are now 8,500 residents and more coming. I remember downtown Dallas in the 1980's & 90's and it was a ghost town at night except for maybe West End and nobody lived there. It's nice to see the old downtowns coming back. Ft.Worth is going through a similar renaissance.

From Twitter -
God @TheTweetOfGod ·
To err is human, to refuse to acknowledge it even more so.

This looks interesting.  The Sixties, airing Thursday nights on CNN now through August 7th. The first episode already aired but it is being repeated often. It got a "B" rating from the local D/FW TV critic. Some of us are old enough to be fact checkers.

The Linux Mint team said they would distribute release 17 in May and they kept their promise. It came out this morning (5/31). 
We have Throwback Thursday (#TBT) that has produced some very good pictures and revived some old brain cells. I now propose #SongSunday. This would be a favorite song, a memorable song, a poignant song or just a song you like. I intend to post some of my favorite songs or performers that may not have been quite as popular as the Beach Boys, Beatles or Rolling Stones. Let me say that I like singers. If you can sing, I don't care what genre it is. My first entry is a late 1960's tune by a group that never quite made it big. I couldn't find the original TV performance from the Ed Sullivan Show. This one is many years later, but Johnny Maestro is still in good voice. One of the best singers of our generation singing a great song. RIP Johnny, he sang great to the very end.


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