Monday, June 16, 2014

Scattershooting 06-15-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Don Zimmer (RIP)

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

The Texas Republican party officially endorses "Reparative Therapy" to "fix" Gays. Too bad there isn't a cure for these bigoted homophobic Republicans.

Who comes up with this stuff? I bought a few things at Target today. When I checked the receipt I noticed that the taxable subtotal was less than the total merchandise subtotal. In Texas food and medicine/health stuff isn't sales taxed, but I didn't think I bought any of those items (beer is not food in the eyes of the tax collector). Turns out Coppertone Stick 55 SPF is a Health Item. OK, but I also bought Coppertone Spray 30 SPF. So is it the stick part or the SPF# part that makes one a health item and the other taxable? Saved me 36¢.

We did it, we have left our mark. We created permanent litter. None of that sissy biodegradable trash, industrial strength enduring junk. This is way better than all that crap art, architecture and engineering our ancestors left for us. We made f*%&king plastic rocks.

Just watched Dave Chappelle on the Letterman show (6/10). Both Dave's did a good job. It was good to see Chappelle on TV. His show on Comedy Central was one of the funniest shows ever.

Play Ball! Well boys and girls, it's opening night (6/11) for the always exciting Hurst Wednesday Night Softball season. The "We Got The Runs" defend their title. Will they have another perfect 10-0 season under the tutelage of manager Matt Holmes? Let the games begin. The guys won the first game so they are off to a good start.

For all you Jacksonville Jaguars fans or anybody else. On Tuesday's The Colbert Report, Stephen did a very funny bit about the Jaguars and the new stadium modification. It starts at around 9:00 into the show.

I had a great find last night (6/11) for #TBT. Buried among a hodgepodge of photos in a shoe box was a manilla envelope with 15 professional pictures of my parent's wedding. I don't remember ever seeing these before. My folks were married in 1939 and remained married and together until my Mom's death in 2002. Here are three of the photos. I miss them both.

Perfect. This is what we do in this country.
The College World Series started on Sayurday (6/14). My local TCU team is in it. Since all the Florida teams flamed out, maybe the Frogs can pick up some Sunshine State supporters. Their first game is Sunday.


In celebration of Father's Day, here is a photo of my Dad reading to me when I was barely two years old. It looks like a Little Golden Book. It must have sunk in because I still love books and reading. It doesn't seem like it, but he has has been gone for eight years. Happy Day Dad. RIP.

For #SongSunday - here's one from 1963 written and sung by the great Barbara Lewis. This song made it to #3 on the Billboard Top 100 Chart. Hello Stranger
How long has it been?
It seems like a mighty long time
shoo-bop, shoo-bop, my baby, ooh

Great Father's Day. My son Matt took me to Matt's for dinner. Great new place in Colleyville. Good food and service. Billy & Matt recommended. Now we are watching NBA playoffs and College World Series. Conversation, sports, food, beverages and time together, perfect. Thanks Matt.


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