Sunday, April 20, 2014

Scattershooting 04-20-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

 Nellie Fox

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Will have to try this. I cook brown rice all the time and sometimes it is too al dente, too gummy or a little scorched on the bottom. Don't know how this method would work if you want to add other ingredients, herbs or spices while cooking the rice. Seems flavors wouldn't blend or concentrate as well. Chef William will be reporting back soon.

Update -  I tried this and the brown rice turned out great. Tender, separated and fluffy. Followed recipe exactly. Still have to figure out how to add flavors and ingredients. I usually cook brown rice in chicken stock when I use the normal method. ~ Chef William

Today's #TBT is a double header. On the top is my folks first house in Jacksonville circa 1954. Note the classic 1946 Pontiac in the carport. The house was green when we moved in but within a couple of years it got painted pink and stayed that color for the next 40 years. The one on the bottom is my first house in Valdosta circa 1975. That's a classic early 70's orange Datsun in the driveway. I think my green Vega is in the garage.

Saw a story on CBS 11 news about Bishop Michael Olson and Ft. Worth Diocese for Good Friday. He was celebrating the stations of the cross.

Another example of the lack of common sense in corporate America. The guy should get a raise and promotion, not be fired.

Looks like I'm safer biking here in the D/FW area than I would be back in my old hometown of Jacksonville. Somehow I survived my childhood going everywhere on my bike in Jax., even to the beach.

A reasoned take on the our climate by Ed Wallace -

The Day After Tomorrow

Went to the bike store today and then grabbed a Philly cheesesteak to go at the new Fred's Downtown Philly in the same shopping center. It's a casual order at the counter place with about 10 tables. They have a ton of sandwich and burger choices besides the cheesesteaks. Pretty good sandwich. Carlos was very friendly. I'll be back to try some other selections especially since I somehow find myself at the bike store so often. Give it a try at Harwood and Norwood on the Hurst-Bedford border.

On a morning walk today to Boys Ranch I saw two T-ball games, which is normal, and a modified cricket match, which is not normal. The cricket match was taking place on the tennis courts with about eight teenagers. They had the bat and the wickets but no pads and obviously not a proper playing field. Does Bedford need an official cricket field?

Lik-M-Aid for adults -


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