Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scattershooting 04-13-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

 Eddie Matthews

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Does anybody else find it ironic that the Duck Commander 500 was postponed due to rain. 

Another reminder of getting old. Last week it was the Rangers ballpark turning 20 years old. This week it is the IBM 360 computer line turning 50. April 1964 was the introduction. I started working working on them in April 1968.

For the third time this baseball season, the barely ranked #25 Gators beat the highly ranked #1 Seminoles. Tonight it was 8-0 in Tallahassee. 

The PBS program NOVA Inside Animal Minds: Bird Genius on Wednesday, 4/9 was fascinating. Animals are way smarter than we realize which probably means we aren't nearly as smart as we think we are. Available online.

Mother's Day and First Communion at Assumption. Mom and I in the back yard before going to church. #TBT — in Jacksonville, FL

While looking for a #TBT photo for today I came across this. Anybody remember these?

For all of you youngsters, it's the negatives from a Kodak Disc camera. They were around in the 1980's.

Proof that CBS made the right, I mean correct, choice.

This is information about the GM ignition switch problem that I have not seen on any of the numerous news reports. Sheds a little different light on the issue.

This should piss you off. The IRS has to pay Microsoft millions of our tax dollars for XP support. Maybe we can just send our tax payments directly to MS.

IRS tastes its own medicine, will pay Microsoft millions for Windows XP support


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