Saturday, March 1, 2014

Very Random Thoughts - March 2014

  • Why do local politicians campaign against Obama? Different issues, different jurisdictions, different laws.
  • The people in charge of Hell sometimes visit North Korea just to exchange  ideas.
  • You can be sure if a disease, condition or medical problem is advertised on TV, the "cure" is a high profit enterprise.
  • When the 2016 Summer Olympics are held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil won't it be winter there?
  • Being gay is far less of a choice than being an asshole.
  • The guy who holds the championship trophy before it is presented always wears gloves. Then a thousand folks manhandle it and kiss it.
  • When is the last time or maybe first time a real star was on Dancing With the Stars? False advertising?
  • Is it strange that BMW will contribute to the US Olympics team if you take a test drive? Is the German team pissed?
  • What do you call a photo of someone who is taking a selfie?
  • Do you sometimes have trouble determining which is the band's name and which is the name of the song/album?
  • I hate political ads with the candidate's spouse and kids in them. The ideal loving family often turns out to be neither ideal nor all that loving.
  • How about those political ads that never mention the candidate who paid for them, only negative crap about their opponent.

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