Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scattershooting 03-30-14

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

 Bill Russell

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Just for grins I checked final four tickets at Jerry World. Matt and I went to the regionals (sweet 16) last year to see the Gators - FGCU game. Seats in the section next to the one we sat in, which are worse seats, are going for $4,145. That's a little more than I paid last year. Cheapest seats in the far upper corners are $464. I'm pretty sure even if the Gators make the final four I'll be watching the game on TV.

Once again for the second time in a week, the lowly unranked Gators beat the #2 Noles. This time it's 4-1 in Jacksonville.

This applies to some law offices too. Ask Lawyer Rick.

Good point. Tolerance.

It's #TBT once again. Here I am at 11 for my school photo. That means it was either the second half of fifth grade or first half of sixth. Note the very cool tough guy rolled up sleeves. That's a pretty long collar too. The pocket patch "A" was blue, not scarlet. I'm sure it was to help people more easily identify us so any bad behavior off campus could be reported to the school. Not that I ever did behave badly of course.

New health food choices this season at Rangers games. Home opener is Monday.

Here is a picture of the new MLB ROC (Replay Operation Center) in New York. I think they need a couple more monitors.

This is enough to make you sick (pun intended) - 

Good idea -

Remember when there was just Triscuits? The box didn't have a qualifier like "Original", it just said Triscuit. Now there are over 20 variations of this venerable snack cracker that was invented in 1900. What's your favorite new flavor? I still buy the plain old kind most of the time.

Gators are coming to Jerry World again. This time for the Final Four. We'll have to wait until Saturday for the next game.

Pretty strong SNL for a change. This week's host was Louis C.K. His opening monologue was very good. Musical guest Sam Smith was OK too. Good SNL's are few and far between these days.

Have you been seeing the ubiquitous H & R Block commercials all over TV as we approach tax day? They have been using "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb as a theme. It perked my interest in the original version. I had forgotten how gorgeous "Peaches" was and how good Herb sang. Here's the original. Good song, good singers, a couple of dated hairdos and outfits.

Gators will be facing the UConn Huskies in the opening round of the Final Four. They are the last team to beat Florida, a one point loss at Connecticut on 12/2. Let's avenge that loss on Saturday.

Nice piece on 60 Minutes about Marcus Roberts. He's a Jacksonville native and attended Florida D&B and FSU where he now teaches. Mom still lives in Jax.


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