Monday, September 30, 2013

Scattershooting 9-29-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to Rico Carty 

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

Undecided - that's what I am about Blacklist. The premier was not as strong as I had hoped. The premise and first script were pretty unbelievable. The FBI is mostly incompetent, the timeline was inconsistent and the criminals are brilliant one minute and stupid the next. There also wasn't that much Spader screen time. I'll give it another look next week but it needs to get better. I hope it does because I'm a Spader fan.

Watched Hostages today. That is one screwed up family. Everybody has secrets. I'll watch at least one more episode before I decide. Acting was OK. I thought this pilot was better than Blacklist.

Watched Paul McCartney on Jimmy Kimmel. He's promoting his new album called New. Sir Paul looks good for 71 but the voice is getting worse. I've noticed this the last few times I've seen him. Sure glad I'm not getting older.
Paul McCartney's album NEW

We still don't know if the Rangers will be selected for the wildcard game. What we do know is that Billy hasn't been selected. Got an email from the Rangers today with the news - We're sorry that you were not selected for the Wild Card Ticket Opportunity -
Still in the lottery if the Rangers were to advance in the playoffs.


I don't think it worked.

Have a little visitor tonight (9/24). A little pink/translucent lizard/gecko. These guys are hard to catch. No big deal, maybe he'll eat a bug or two before he leaves. Not to be confused with the big guy who poops on my patio.

Funny -

I noticed today (9/25) when I went to Kroger that Le Peep is closed. It was there this past weekend. Their breakfasts were good and it seemed like they had a good number of diners. Even the lighted signs are gone from the building so maybe they moved. Didn't see any sign or notice on the door. That's a big vacant spot in the shopping center.

9/26 - The frustration of being a baseball fan - 
Completely unacceptable. Rangers infield makes four (4) errors in the second inning. Moreland, Kinsler (2) and Beltre. A Rangers record (of shame). Allowed three Angels runs and completely blows Garzas pitch count and the lead.

9/26 - Followed soon afterwards by Thrill of Victory -
Profar saves the day with a walkoff HR in the 9th. Rangers win 6-5 over the hated Angels. A mostly bad game by the Rangers but a win is a win. Thank you Jurickson. Rays win easily. Indians almost blow it but win too. Wildcard race remains the same with Rangers one game out with three to play.


Please tell me why we need a pregnant British woman with bad hair telling us how to wipe our ass. Excuse me "bum". #obnoxious

There is an outside chance I will celebrate this holiday. - You'll be glad to know that I did celebrate this holiday appropriately.

9/28 - Just watched Bob Newhart on The Tavis Smiley Show. At 84, Bob is still funny. How did it take until 2013 for him to win an Emmy? A national treasure.

9/28 - On Encore Westerns - The Big Show - a 1936 Gene Autry film with the Light Crust Dough Boys and Sons of the Pioneers, with lead singer Roy Rogers. Pretty funny and bad movie except for the music. There were a few good stunts and I don't think they used CGI. No individual billing for Roy in the film but appears they added him on later posters. Some of the film takes place at the Texas Centennial in Dallas. Looks like a few scenes were actually filmed at Fair Park, back when it was brand new.

9/29 - I had planned to write a review of the 39th season premier of Saturday Night Live but it's not worth the time. Tina Fey was the host and even she wasn't funny. An absolutely terrible show. Six new cast members. New bimbo Weekend Update co-anchor. Music by Arcade Fire. It's going to have to get better before it 
can get much worse. Too bad.

It has been a big week for the Rangers. They won seven games straight games against the Astros and hated Angels. What did that get them? An opportunity to play one more game, number 163 of a 162 game season. They play the Tampa Bay Rays here on Monday night (9/30). The winner of that game gets into the playoffs as the second AL wildcard and will play Cleveland on Wednesday. I pull for the Rays when they are playing anybody but Texas. I want the Rangers to win the game, go on to the playoffs and ultimately win the World Series. That being said, if the Rays win it will be OK and I'll root for them to have a good playoff run. Monday's game is a true "must win". Lose and you're done for the year, win and you have another opportunity. So, for at least one more game - GO RANGERS!


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