Monday, September 23, 2013

Scattershooting 9-22-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great 

Willie McCovey - Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

It's a good thing there are no ties in baseball or the Rangers and Rays might play four 0-0 ties this week. Both teams are trying their best to get out of the playoffs. The division titles are history. They are tied for the wildcard slots but four other teams are within striking distance. I'm ready for some good baseball games. I hate rooting against the Rays but it's most favorite team vs less favorite team.

As it turned out the Rays and Rangers split the four game series and remained in position for the two wildcard slots.


  • Interesting insight into Aaron Alexis, the DC shooter, life here in Fort Worth.

9/18 - Checking out the CDs — at Half Price Books Records Magazines.
Bought a Heart Greatest Hits and Everly Brothers Greatest Hits and More which has 50 songs. Both CDs for $10 total.
I love browsing the used books and CDs. They have DVDs, games and vinyl too. 

9/18 - Does anybody know what this plant is? It popped up a couple of weeks ago in the middle of some ground cover. The flowers barely open up. Huge leaves and it grows fast.
The consensus was that it's squash/zucchini. Nothing to harvest yet.

9/18 - Pulled my left cheek muscle today. Not sure how. It hurts more to walk than to ride the bike. Unfortunately I can't ride to the fridge for a fresh beer.
I have recovered and am now able to walk to the fridge. Please note that the picture is not an actual photo of my butt.

9/19 - It is now officially that day -
9/20 - I swear this was not me - no mention if it was men's or women's underwear.

Deanna Boyd @deannaboyd 4h
Man wearing underwear as mask just robbed the Wells Fargo Bank in 1600 block of University. Fled north on bike.Call FWPD if you see him!
Retweeted by FW Star-Telegram

The Rangers lose two out of three to the Royals. They waste two outstanding performances by the starting pitchers. In one game they lose 2-1 on a bases loaded walk by the bullpen. In the other they lose 4-0 in ten innings on a walkoff grand slam home run after seven scoreless innings by the starter. Rangers are now 1½ games out of the wildcard. Seven more games in the season, all at home. Three against Houston and four against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County of California of the west coast of the United States and neighbors to Disneyland. I think I got the name right, but the zip code may be in there somewhere too. Crunch time.


9/22 - Why? Don Cheadle (born in 1964) narrates a 1963 retrospective and Carrie Underwood (born in 1983) sings Yesterday. Couldn't they find anybody who was actually alive in 1963? Hey, Bob Newhart (born 1929) was backstage. I thought Carrie's rendition of Yesterday was bad. Elton John (born 1947, a very good year) was also there. He could have sung YesterdayBTW, Yesterday came out in 1965. #Emmys

It was a great early fall weekend here in North Texas. Temps in the 70's and 80's. Lotsa people out walking, jogging and biking. More dogs and people than usual at the new Bedford Bark Park. I think every motorcycle and convertible, with the top down, in Texas was on the road. It's going to heat up again a little this week, but it looks like we are through with the 100° days.

Lastly, let's not forget the Navy Yard tragedy that happened on Monday (9/16). I'm at a lose as to how this happens on a military base by a mentally disturbed person with civilian security clearance. It's bad enough that we send our troops into harms way in dangerous places. Bases in our country should be safe havens. I expounded on this subject a little more in my BillyJim47 Blog



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