Friday, August 9, 2013

Very Random Thoughts 8-9-13

by Bill Holmes  

  • Why do TV news folks always need to tell us their name before and after a story AND have a graphic with their name?
  • It's more fun to watch Texas Rangers baseball now that they are good. 
  • It is a joy to watch Adrian Beltre play baseball every day. Elvis is fun too.
  • Why are most of the caddies on the LPGA men?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if all TV channels had the same audio volume? That includes content and commercials.
  • How many times a day do you lose your glasses or at least leave them in another room?
  • Is it a law that local car dealership TV commercials have to be really bad, with dealer family members &/or personnel?
  • Same deal with personal injury lawyer TV commercials.
  • Who thought up the new separate two compartment yogurt containers? Plain yogurt in one and fruit or honey in the other. Honey won't flow when it's cold and the compartment is too small for a spoon, especially the corners.
  • Mourning doves can not stand a neat pile of birdseed. The first thing they do is scatter it.
  • Do we need a law that requires companies to include all costs in the price advertised? No obscure Service Charge, Surcharge, Facility Fee, Seat Assignment Fee, Administrative Fee, expired tax charges, etc. Not to mention ridiculous Shipping & Handling Charges.
  • It can be over 100° in Phoenix or D/FW for days or weeks with no mention on the national news. Let it get above 90° in New York City for one day and it's the lead story. Do we have a NYC centric news media bias?
  • Does Major League Baseball (MLB) really need to put a new baseball in play every time a ball touches the ground or a bat? 
  • Who decided on the order of the letters in the alphabet? Was it the guy who wrote the song? Did "A" bribe someone, did "Z" piss somebody off?

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