Monday, August 26, 2013

Scattershooting 8-25-13

by Bill Holmes

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great Brooks Robinson - Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

This is a very interesting interview of a very rich and influential guy. Larry Ellison, founder & CEO of Oracle, on the Charlie Rose Show. The first 20 minutes are about sailing and the Americas Cup. The next 12 minutes are about his life with Oracle and other technology. The last half is much about Steve Jobs and Apple. Insights from a close friend of Steve's and an Apple board member. He also touches on current affairs, particularly personal privacy. Larry Ellison can be a jerk and his ego would fill a million Oracle databases but he is a smart guy.

In case you missed John Legend's live webcast or his appearance on Letterman here it is.

If you like words this is more good news from Google. Bet all you Bubbas didn't realize you were pursuing a piscatorial hobby.

You may notice that Ryan Braun doesn't feel bad enough to return any of the $150 million still on his contract through 2020.

Just installed the Android 4.3 JSS15Q OTA update on my Nexus 7. Be interested to see if it fixes the GPS problem I've had a few times. (8/23) 

A few Friday (8/23) afternoon bike ride observations - 
• The Redbox at Kroger was hopping. Lotsa movie watching tonight.
• CiCi's was packed. Nothing like fine dining to start your weekend.
• There are plenty of folks watering the curbs and streets including the school across the      street. All the way to the middle of the road. We do have Stage 1 water restrictions in effect.
• Several teachers still at school after 7:00 PM. School starts Monday.
• No good lettuce at Kroger. Bought a bag of spinach to hold me over. Gotta have salad fixins.

It's Elvis Presley night (8/23) at the ballpark on the Southside of Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?


Nothing went wrong - Rangers win 11-5 with 5 HRs.

From the Hops & Barley Party - vote often. I'm voting right now.

Just put out fresh birdseed and now we have a dove dustup. First time I've ever seen one mourning dove chase another away. Don't know if it's a family squabble or rival gangs. No injuries observed yet. So much for the dove of peace. (8/24)

Good deal. Adam Good Guy Scott won the first round of the FedEx Cup playoffs. Even better, Tiger Ass Woods didn't. (8/25)

Still a lot of activity at the school across the street @ 6:00 PM on a Sunday. Cars in the teachers parking lot and folks working on the new landscape plantings by the entrance. School starts Monday (8/26) for most local school systems. Traffic will be a mess. Hope the school air conditioners are working.


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