Friday, December 2, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - November 2016

  • We no longer have waiters and waitresses, they are now servers.
  • Saw a news story that said a local Taco Bell had been evacuated because of a gas leak. No kidding.
  • Can anyone explain why a company would use Michael Phelps in their commercials? Great swimmer, terrible spokesperson.
  • Thankfully for almost every side effect that a drug causes, big pharma develops another drug. They are always looking out for our welfare. 
  • Apparently, God and Jesus are in charge of the CMA Awards. Almost every winner thanked one or both of them. Busy guys, they control the outcome of award shows and almost all sports.
  • Whenever a football player is down on the field with an injury, the announcers tell us what an integral part of the team that guy is. Do crappy players ever get hurt?
  • Who thought that using only mascot names for NCAA basketball games in the U-verse TV guide was a good idea. When the listing says Tigers vs Bulldogs what schools are they talking about? In just the SEC there are two Bulldogs and three Tigers.
  • Our local Oldies radio station began to play all Christmas music on November 14th. Way too early.
  • My U-verse DVR/receiver went on the fritz so they sent me a new one. It was a self-install deal. The old one is to be returned prepaid via UPS. Unfortunately, the new DVR is smaller than the old one so it won't fit in the box. Customer care is always a priority at AT&T. 
  • Let's rename the pro-life movement to pro-birth since many are not really for all life or quality of life.
  • How come rich college coaches can do endorsements and advertisements, but poor college athletes can't? 
  • If "Conversion Therapy" can make gays straight, can it also work in reverse? Maybe teach it backward. Maybe just reverse the electrodes on the electroshock treatments. Probably should check with Mike Pence.
  • Are you supposed to wash your beard with shampoo or face soap?
  • How come football teams don't wear pinstripe uniforms?
  • Why does the news make such a big deal about plane crashes? Total worldwide commercial airplane deaths per year are usually measured in the hundreds. The worst year ever was about 2,400. Yet, there are over 30,000 traffic deaths per year just in the USA that barely get a mention.

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