Sunday, December 4, 2016


I recently watched Goliath on Amazon Prime Video. It's the story of a once prominent lawyer, Billy Bob Thornton, taking a case against his former worldwide law firm. Hence the disgraced, alcoholic lawyer (David) against the rich and influential big law firm (Goliath). Only one core court case, but lots of side stories and intrigue. 

The series was created, produced and written by David E Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro. Kelley's previous efforts include Boston Legal, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and others. Quite a pedigree. 

I have had some problems with Billy Bob in the past. Maybe I had trouble separating his personal life (very strange) with his professional life (amazingly solid). For the last few years, I have enjoyed his work. This project is no exception. He portrays a conflicted, very flawed, free spirited, brilliant lawyer. He plays that beautifully. A little bit crazy. Not unlike Billy Bob. 

It is the best of times for outstanding TV programs and series. HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, Starz, AMC, etc. are all producing stellar entertainment. Most of these are unencumbered by corporate advertisements and ratings. There is far more freedom than the 9:00 PM time slot on CBS or NBC.  

Back to Goliath, it's an old story but one well told. It plays into the general mood of the country that the rich control everything and have their own rules. The politicians, police, courts, even the church are in the pocket of the rich bad guys. 

William Hurt plays the head of the global and powerful law firm that he and Billy Bob founded. Hurt is now both physically and morally compromised. He barely cares about the ongoing case as long as he can destroy Billy Bob. It is revenge. He has many minions and millions to do that. His corporate client adds even more money and muscle to the fray. Dwight Yokum plays the head of the evil corporate entity. He convinced me and he didn't even have a guitar. The rest of the cast is also strong. 

I won't reveal any spoilers. Most of the plot twists aren't that surprising but they are well played. There are eight episodes. I think this is a one season series. Based on how it ended, it didn't feel like a to be continued... deal.

If you like well written and well acted drama, give Goliath a look. It is an adult program there is minimal nudity but Billy Bob has a real potty mouth. I rate it a solid A. 

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